I understand that you need to pray for intimacy is much greater than your pure acts of kindness.

Intersextional Thinking: Masturbation Madness

Hey my loves, May is not only Mental Health Month, but also National Masturbation Month! What better way to celebrate than by igniting a conversation about self care?! We’re discussing the taboo act that most individuals privately partake! Enjoy.  When we invest in relationships, we tend to merge our varying lifestyles, personalities, and habits. The nail-biting, … More Intersextional Thinking: Masturbation Madness

‘Extreme Sacrifices’ by T. Carrier is Available 11/30

An easy listen and worth repeating were my initial thoughts of ‘Extreme Sacrifices.’ There was the sense of pride feeling one might get knowing that a close friend of yours is good at what he does and is excelling in his career. Some tracks evoked other emotions and maybe that’s because there are unresolved issues … More ‘Extreme Sacrifices’ by T. Carrier is Available 11/30