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Humanizing Immigrants and Refugees – A Conversation With Emily Mata

A year ago on February 9th, 2019, I took a road trip to Santa Barbara to see an art show put together by Emily Mata, an art student at Westmont college. A photo I had shared with her was painted portraying the bond I share with an American citizen, despite our different heritage and race.… Continue reading Humanizing Immigrants and Refugees – A Conversation With Emily Mata

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Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

Bolawa Gbadebo, 26, is a Nigerian model from Chicago who recently won the face of Luster Pink. She has been modeling for three years and has a plethora of upcoming projects in the works. Check out our exclusive interview with this talented queen below.   At what moment in your life did you realize you… Continue reading Meet Modeling Sensation, Bola Gbadebo

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Upcoming Film Caged Birds Will Be Impactful For Young Black Men

Writer and director Fredrick Leach and producer Edwin Walker (E. Micheaux) are the men behind Caged Birds, an independent film about three oppressed black teens living in the suburbs who are forced to cover up the murder of a white bully, when a prank goes wrong. Check out this exclusive interview below! 1. What was… Continue reading Upcoming Film Caged Birds Will Be Impactful For Young Black Men

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“The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

I really couldn’t find the words to start this article. In fact, I sat looking at the blank page overnight trying to figure out the point I would get across. How I would present myself and my topic to others in an understanding manner. Also, in a way that wouldn't be offensive to others. I… Continue reading “The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

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T. Carriér is a talented and respected artist in the Bay Area. His final album, Extreme Sacrifices, will be released November 30th, 2018. Check out my exclusive interview with the man himself below and make sure you support this amazing body of work. Also, check out my review of the album here!   Being a… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: T. Carriér

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Press Conference With Twenty One Pilots

On November 1st I got an email from Alt 105.3 with their general updates on concerts in the area and other alternative music news. I usually don't scroll through the emails,  because sometimes it’s just random ads. I happened to come across a box in the email that said “If You Could Ask Twenty One… Continue reading Press Conference With Twenty One Pilots

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On The Rise: Jana Schmieding

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma) In media, fat women and people are often one of two things: the butt of a joke or non-existent all together. Comedian, writer, and host of the podcast Woman of Size, Jana Schmieding, is determined to fight fatphobic attitudes in Hollywood, along with creating space for intersectional feminism in body political circles.… Continue reading On The Rise: Jana Schmieding

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On the Rise: Sade Ndya

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma) Sade Ndya is a young Indian and African American photographer who hails from what she calls, the "boring-ass" town that is Palm Springs, and despite her small town upbringing, Ndya's work is far from boring. I had the pleasure of interviewing the artist, who currently has her studio and resides in… Continue reading On the Rise: Sade Ndya