On The Rise: Jana Schmieding


By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma)

In media, fat women and people are often one of two things: the butt of a joke or non-existent all together. Comedian, writer, and host of the podcast Woman of Size, Jana Schmieding, is determined to fight fatphobic attitudes in Hollywood, along with creating space for intersectional feminism in body political circles.

IMG_9342 (1)

A Lakota Sioux Native born in Oregon,  Schmieding had a career in education working within schools in The Bronx, New York before moving to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue writing and comedy. Being a Native, fat woman with a lot to say, Schmieding was motivated to create her podcast, “Woman of Size” in order to build community with more fat women in the comedy world. “The podcast came out of a need to merge my identity, activism and comedy into one project,” says the comedian.

The comedian continues to explain where her inspiration lies with her comedy: “My anger and annoyance inspires my comedy! I love to clown on injustice because people are such fuckin’ assholes. WoS Pod was inspired by my experience with culture and individuals being assholes about fatness and about women’s bodies.”

The comedian goes on to explain the changes she wants to see in the movement. “I want fatness to be discussed in mainstream to a much greater degree. I want health stigma to be eliminated for fat people. I want fat women to thrive professionally, personally and economically because I believe in the authentic power of the female experience.” Overall, Schmieding aims to empower and inform other fat women of color in the comedy community (and all communities of course). 


What’s in store for the Woman of Size Podcast?

The complete first season of Woman of Size is on iTunes now, while season two of the podcast is in development and about to be released in January of 2019 under WhoHaHa’s new podcast network. Schmieding comments “I’m really excited because it’s just going to get deeper, more involved and really exposing the dark corners of the fat identity.”  

Follow Woman of Size on IG, Twitter, and Facebook :@Womanofsizepod. Listen to Woman of Size on your podcast app and make sure to leave a rating and review!

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