Boys Will Be Boys: Jules Tatham

unnamed (1)

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma)

Jules Tatham is a trans non binary person of Black, Indigenous, and white descent from South Carolina. A talented artist and photographer who studied graphic design and fine art at the Art Institute of Charleston, Tatham is able to bring their vision to life with their new exhibit, showcased in Los Angeles, called Boys Will be Boys: A Photography Show/An Act of Defiance.

“Photography for me is a tool of documentation and discovery.” they say, speaking on the inspiration behind their work. “However, the truth of the inspiration is emotional process. The action is an outlet for the comprehension of the sparks of memory and emotion.” Tatham, who through a friend, was able to acquire gallery space in LA, describes the project as a way to showcase alternative perceptions of masculinity. “I hope the community viewing & absorbing the work are ignited to open critical conversations about unpacking and analyzing our various relationships to masculinity, the macro and micro.”


Boys Will be Boys will be held at Junior High Los Angeles from November 9th-30th. Keep up with the artist here: Instagram: @fromflowerstojules




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