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Boys Will Be Boys: Jules Tatham

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma) Jules Tatham is a trans non binary person of Black, Indigenous, and white descent from South Carolina. A talented artist and photographer who studied graphic design and fine art at the Art Institute of Charleston, Tatham is able to bring their vision to life with their new exhibit, showcased in Los… Continue reading Boys Will Be Boys: Jules Tatham

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On The Rise: Jana Schmieding

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma) In media, fat women and people are often one of two things: the butt of a joke or non-existent all together. Comedian, writer, and host of the podcast¬†Woman of Size, Jana Schmieding, is determined to fight fatphobic attitudes in Hollywood, along with creating space for intersectional feminism in body political circles.… Continue reading On The Rise: Jana Schmieding

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On the Rise: Sade Ndya

By Palmira Muniz (@vivalapalma) Sade Ndya is a young Indian and African American photographer who hails from what she calls, the "boring-ass" town that is Palm Springs, and despite her small town upbringing, Ndya's work is far from boring. I had the pleasure of interviewing the artist, who currently has her studio and resides in… Continue reading On the Rise: Sade Ndya