Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time


Back in kindergarten, my teacher showed us what items we were able to recycle and why recycling mattered. Ever since then, I have always tried to recycle and be eco-friendly. After I moved to college and into my own apartment, I realized that recycling is not as easy as it used to be. The majority of the apartment complexes I have lived in only have dumpsters for trash and zero recycling bins. I have been making more conscious decisions when it comes to plastic use. I have a glass reusable water bottle for water and glass containers for my lunches and leftovers.

Recently, I have found another way to be more mindful about helping the environment. I saw an ad for shampoo bars a couple of months ago and I was instantly intrigued by the concept of them. I know body wash comes in a bar of soap, but I did not ever think about shampoo or conditioner being sold as a solid bar. I did a little bit more research about them and found out that Lush Cosmetics sells the solid shampoo and conditioner bars. According to Lush, the bars can outlast two to three bottles of liquid shampoo. The hardest part was picking out one to try, because they all smelled so good. I ended up picking the Godiva shampoo bar, which smells like jasmine, and the Sugar Daddy-O conditioner bar, which has a very floral smell.

I was concerned that the shampoo bar would be hard to use, but I was genuinely surprised how easily the bar lathered up. A little bit of the shampoo definitely goes a long way. I bought a storage tin for the bar so it would be easy to store it. My hair felt softer and looked shiner after I used it. The conditioner bar was little bit more difficult to use, because conditioner does not lather up, so I could not tell that the conditioner was actually in my hair until I washed it out. The conditioner bar was not as fragrant as the shampoo bar, but I still liked using it.

I think the solid shampoo and conditioner bars are super easy to use and to store. I am going to Wales to visit my husband’s family for the holidays and the bars will be easy to pack in my bag. I always bring my own hair products when traveling and I hate how bulky regular shampoo and conditioner bottles are. At least I will now have a little bit more space to pack clothes for the trip.

Overall, I know I will be using the shampoo and conditioner solid bars from now on. I might explore the other scents that Lush has or I might look into other companies that also sell solid shampoos and conditioners. Now all I need is for Bath and Body Works to make their body wash in solid form.

What are some other ways you guys like to be eco-friendly? Do you guys know of any other companies that sell solid shampoos and conditioners?

Check out Lush for their solid bars and other great products. Featured Image from Lush.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


2 thoughts on “Being Eco-Friendly One Shampoo Bar at a Time

  1. As much as possible, I say no to plastic water bottles and bring some water in a reusable bottle. I also do my best to bring my own reusable shopping bags for errands. Some stores will even give you a bit of money back for bringing reusable bags!

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