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The Essence of Black Girl Magic

The radiance and infamous power of black women has existed long before a term was coined for it. The phrase Black Girl Magic just confirmed the power we already knew was within us. It’s more than just a phrase or a hashtag, it’s a way of life. Black women have always been strong and resilient,… Continue reading The Essence of Black Girl Magic

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Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with darker skin tones. Typically, this occurs among people of the same ethnic or racial group. For example, colorism within the Black community says you’re too dark to be beautiful, or you’re too light to be black. It has been a serious emotional and psychological battle for all… Continue reading Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

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Meet Bay Area Hair Stylist and Beauty Enhancer Daria (@Dariadidit_)

A few months ago I decided I wanted to get blonde extensions. I ordered the hair, I was super excited and the person who was supposed to install it for me ended up not coming through. I panicked, because the week was about to start and my hair was looking a hot mess.  I decided… Continue reading Meet Bay Area Hair Stylist and Beauty Enhancer Daria (@Dariadidit_)

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BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.

Knowing your true self and reclaiming your power as a colored woman is extremely indispensable. As history changes over time and the female population amplify, it is important for colored women to get further knowledge within the self. Defining thyself as a woman of color and getting more in tune with self as some would… Continue reading BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.

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Exploring Brooklyn: Yadain Cultural Solutions Edition

As it now comes time for another segment of Exploring Brooklyn, I've found another word of mouth spot that I decided to go check out- Yadain Cultural Solutions located in Bed Stuy. Yadain specializes in natural skincare and beauty for all skin types, with a variety of products like face washes, body washes, soaps, whipped… Continue reading Exploring Brooklyn: Yadain Cultural Solutions Edition

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Internal Asylum

Something ain’t right I can feel it in me. I’m not normally like this and I know how it should be. One minute I’m up then I’m down. I barely smile, and I constantly frown. I don’t speak to anyone and I barely come around. I lock the door up and check in on me.… Continue reading Internal Asylum

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Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

One day I was on Instagram having my normal group conversation with two of my male friends. This group chat usually consisted of funny memes, videos and of course them sharing a bunch of pictures of Instagram models with their asses out and obsessing over phat cats. Let me just say it can be extremely… Continue reading Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

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Pick Me

I've fallen into something deeper than I intended, a situation-ship that didn't have limits or boundaries. A silent agreement between us that kept me on my toes, a deep like and bond that no one else knows. We, existed together on nights when I couldn't bare to be alone. On days when we didn't schedule… Continue reading Pick Me

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Peace, Love, and Alex Elle

Whenever I'm on social media, I spend a good chunk of my time watching my favorite inspirational and motivational folks, and looking for others to follow. We can all use some motivational tips and shining lights in our lives. Of course, don't forget to step outside and put ya phone down often, but get all… Continue reading Peace, Love, and Alex Elle