Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with darker skin tones. Typically, this occurs among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

For example, colorism within the Black community says you’re too dark to be beautiful, or you’re too light to be black. It has been a serious emotional and psychological battle for all of us.

A popular Reggae artist and “Love and Hip Hop” star, Spice, shook the internet with her hit “Black Hypocrisy,” charting #1 on U.S. Reggae iTunes and UK iTunes late last year.

This song targets colorism and its negative impact. This message is long overdue.

Spice is a beautiful dark-skinned woman, but she says she has experienced colorism in the industry as well as among her fans. Statements like, “If she was a lighter skin tone she would be more beautiful or successful,” have been made.

Colorism is around us every day. It could have something to do with a lack of self-esteem and self-love.

In the song, Spice says, “I get hate from my own race/yes that’s a fact/ cause the same black people dem say I’m too black/ And if you bleach out your skin dem same one come to a chat.

In other words, if I’m loving my dark skin, you are going to make fun of it, and if I bleach my skin, you’re still going to talk about it.

It’s sad that racism still exists, not only towards other races but within our own community. I believe most African American people are very uneducated when it comes to our true history.

I have been a victim of Black hypocrisy. When I was a teenage girl, I got teased about my skin being too dark. I wasn’t beautiful enough, because my skin was darker than the others.

I have always been told, “You’re pretty for a dark girl.” Minds are truly corrupted and blinded by ignorance.

Some people are not aware that things they say could really damage or destroy the confidence of someone. I want all of my beautiful Black women to realize beauty is inside.

Love and support one another–instead of breaking and tearing each other down.


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