Meet Sim Delaluz

Sim Delaluz 7

Black art in Nashville is not highly noticed, but it is present. Recently, Black artist Sim Delaluz had an art show which featured some of her artwork and showed her tremendous talent.

The art show, which was named “The Home Show”, took place at Finnley’s Boutique in the Gulch and when you walked in, the setup looked just like a home, with a living room area and laundry area setup in the room as well.

“Jessica (business partner) and I blog together and I’ve been doing art for quite a while and we just came up with this idea to put art in a home. ”
The target home the Vanderbilt grad and Nashville resident was looking to show her artwork to: millennials. “There’s this gap of young buyers that are getting their first apartment or buying their first home and trying to put art into it but they don’t know how to design it or where to get the art. They want to spend a little bit of money but not too much. We wanted to make the art accessible to them and display it where they could feel like it is in their home. That’s kind of what this show is about.”
When asked what inspired the artwork, Delaluz had this to say: “The artwork is just inspired by movement and natural things that you can find just in the Earth or just around you.”


The artwork Delaluz displayed is called abstract fluid art, which she describes as including a little bit of science, a little bit of art, playing with different viscosities of the paint and just finding colors that complement each other and work well together and just pouring them onto the canvas and letting them take shape.

Sim Delaluz 5
If you are interested in purchasing some of Delaluz’s artwork, you can find her on Instagram ( ) and her pieces range from $20 to $300.


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