The Past Lives – Part 6: Race Against Time

“Where are you taking me?” said Ryan to Jaron.

“We are going to your house to get a gameplan to get out of this city and fast,” said Jaron.

The duo raced through the city of San Diego racing to get to Ryan’s apartment. Jaron knew it was only a matter of time before he and Ryan would be found and with Jude already trying to kill Ryan, he did not want to take the chance that he would be the next one on Jude’s hitlist.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Morris helped identify Jude and he called the police immediately. While he was giving the information to the police on what he discovered, Jude and his crew were scrambling out of the hospital. Jewel, coming in handy, had a notion where Ryan and Jaron may be going.

“I bet they are headed to Ryan’s apartment. They know we are on the trail,” said Jewel.

“Well, they know me and Jude are on the trail Jewel. Not you,” said Janet.

The two continued to discuss the plan as they piled in the vehicle headed towards Ryan’s house.

As Jude, Jewel and Janet pulled off, Dr. Morris was reviewing the tape again and noticed one other person in the video. He was so focused on the words of Jaron that he overlooked one of the women standing next to Jude. Once he saw that woman, he immediately went back to a moment in his life.

“Give me another shot,” said a slightly younger Dr. Morris as he was sitting at the bar.

The bartender gave him another shot of tequila as he drowned the sorrows of a long night at work in the bottom of a bottle.

“Another one,” he yelled to the bartender as he finished that shot within seconds.

As he got the next shot delivered to him, a young woman walked up and sat next to him.

“Can you buy me a drink while you’re drowning your sorrows?” said the mysterious woman.

“Sure,” said Dr. Morris. “What would you like to drink?”

“Two shots of tequila and then I’m leaving with you for the night,” said the woman.

Dr. Morris immediately bought the two drinks and he stared down his female accomplice almost to the point drool was coming from his mouth.

She downed both drinks and then said to Dr. Morris, “You ready to leave?” as she pulled up her skirt to show a little more leg to Dr. Morris as she noticed him staring at her since she sat next to him.

Dr. Morris paid the tab and rushed out the door with his female accomplice.

“Where would you like to go?,” said Dr. Morris.

“The Holiday Inn,” said the mystery woman with a smile.

As they checked in, Dr. Morris could hardly contain himself as he was ready to ravish this beautiful mystery woman. He also could barely talk straight because of all the shots he took at the bar. After three tries, he finally was able to get his wallet out and pay for a room. He and the mystery woman went to room 333.

As soon as they entered the room, Dr. Morris plopped down on the bed, looked at the mystery woman and said, “Get over here and take those clothes off while you’re at it.”

The mystery woman complied, dropping her dress to the floor, revealing her red lingerie that barely covered anything. She then came over to the bed, pushed Dr. Morris down on the bed and she began to be his fantasy for the night.

After the wild romp in the sheets, Dr. Morris passed out due to the effects of the liquor and the wild ride with this mystery woman. When he awoke, the woman was gone and so was his wallet.

A note was on the dresser and it read “Thanks for the good times and the money. Thanks, Seona.”

As Dr. Morris snapped back into reality, he knew he unofficially assisted in helping Seona evade police with the money she stole from him. And along with unofficially assisting her, he also was guilty of soliciting a prostitute. After he finished watching the tape, Dr. Morris made another call and said, “Guess who I just saw on video in my hospital?”

At Ryan’s place, Ryan was scrambling to get clothes together as he fought through the pain of his initial beat down by Janet and Jude.

“Are you done yet?” yelled Jaron as he got back from his apartment down the way from Ryan’s.

“Just let me get one more thing and we are ready to go,” said Ryan.

As soon as they were about to leave the apartment and head off into the San Diego night, Jewel showed up at Ryan’s apartment.

“Where have you been? I have been looking for you Ryan,” she said as she walked in the apartment as Jaron had left the door slightly opened.

“Jewel? I am so glad to see you!” said Ryan. “Quick, I have to leave town. I know this will not make much sense to you, but Jude tried to kill me. I did not want to tell you what happened when I called you in the hospital because I did not want to startle you.”

“What? Really?,” said Jewel with fake intrigue. “What happened?”

“Well it started with this mysterious woman that sat with me at a bar. Next thing you know, I wake up and I am back at her place and there is Jude and this woman and then they went to town on me, which reduced me to what I am now with all these injuries.”

Jewel listened to Ryan, but she was simmering inside. She knew the real story about what Ryan did to cause Jude’s rage. But while she was stewing, she did hear a detail she did not know: Janet had to be the woman that seduced Ryan.

“So Janet seduced you huh Ryan?” said Jewel.

As soon as Jewel said that, Ryan’s jaw dropped to the floor. “I promise I didn’t do anything with her at all. She was just someone I met online, but she did set me up Jewel. You have to believe me,” proclaimed Ryan. “Hold up. How did you know her name?”

“I know I didn’t do anything with you Ryan. I was setting you up the whole time,” said Janet as Jude and her entered the apartment to the surprise of Ryan and Jaron.

“We messed up and left you alive the last time, but we will not mess up this time Ryan,” said Jude with a sinister smile.  “It isn’t going to be me that ends your life though.”

“Can we finally end this now?” said Jewel as she reached for the gun Janet had on her waist.

“Jewel, you have never killed. I know you wanted to do this, but are your sure you’re ready to do this?” said Janet.

“I’m ready. Ryan has earned this death,” said Jewel.

Jewel grabbed the gun, directed Ryan to get down on his knees and aimed the gun right at Ryan’s head. And before she pulled the trigger, she had one sentence for him. “You play with my feelings and you die.”

And just like that, Jewel pulled the trigger, splattering Ryan’s brains all over the wall as she shot him directly in the middle of his head.

As the shot rang, the rest of the crew was so focused on Ryan that they didn’t notice Jaron sliding off the bathroom. The door slammed shut as Ryan’s body fell to the floor. Jude and Janet tried to get in the bathroom, but the door was locked shut.

“Jewel, shoot the door,” said Jude.

Jewel obliged and shot the door around the handle a few times, eventually shredding the wooden door. As all three entered the bathroom, all they noticed was a window open in the bathroom with the wind blowing the curtains. Jaron had escaped out the window and jumped to the ground. As soon as Jude made it to the window, all he could hear was tires screeching as Jaron floored it out of the apartment in his car.

“We have to find him,” said Jewel. “He knows too much.”

The trio would exit the apartment, not knowing what they needed to do to track down Jaron but knowing time was running short on them tying up any loose ends.

Dr. Morris, after he got the information to the police, clocked out for the day and headed home. Once he got there, he greeted his wife and when he greeted his wife, he had something else to tell her.

“Seona is back in town.”





One thought on “The Past Lives – Part 6: Race Against Time

  1. Damn! A real soap opera! I cannot believe she actually killed Ryan like that! Cold-blooded… Can’t wait to see what happens next and find out more about Dr Morris. Great job!


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