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My Self/Black Girl Magic

The only thing more painful than growing up as an undocumented immigrant, was finding myself — my true self — as a mixed girl with nurturing of only one of those elements. It’s not lost on me that as a child, being in public places with a white woman by my side allowed me to… Continue reading My Self/Black Girl Magic

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Paz Ellis on the plight of Citizen Children of Immigrants

When thinking about immigration, it’s easy to focus on the plight of undocumented and dacamented people, as if they were the only ones affected by America’s immigration policy and climate of hate towards immigrants. I am guilty of viewing the citizen children of immigrants as lucky and carefree Americans. That started to change the day… Continue reading Paz Ellis on the plight of Citizen Children of Immigrants

My Life Be Like

Black Lives Matter in Brazil, Too. #VidasNegrasImportam

(image courtesy of Shutterstock) I don’t think there has been a louder anti-racism revolt since the Civil Rights Movement. The Black Lives Matter revolution that we are witnessing right now is opening the eyes of America-- including white Americans -- to the violent systemic racism that exists in the United States. It is inspiring protests… Continue reading Black Lives Matter in Brazil, Too. #VidasNegrasImportam

My Life Be Like

Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with darker skin tones. Typically, this occurs among people of the same ethnic or racial group. For example, colorism within the Black community says you’re too dark to be beautiful, or you’re too light to be black. It has been a serious emotional and psychological battle for all… Continue reading Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

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Transformation Through Intentional Identity Exploration and Education

Although it is challenging for others to engage in difficult conversations about race, imagine how I feel on a day-to-day basis. I cannot speak for all people of color, but I don’t have a choice about when I can turn on or off my racial sensors. As a young Black woman born and raised in… Continue reading Transformation Through Intentional Identity Exploration and Education


The Truth About Interracial Dating

I have decided to give my opinion on interracial dating after many requests. My opinion is simply this.... people are people. People tend to date inside their race, because that is what they're comfortable with. Dating outside of your race means someone may have different customs and traditions than you, among other things. I personally… Continue reading The Truth About Interracial Dating