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Colorism: Blacker The Berry Sweeter The Juice

  When I was younger, one of my first times dealing with colorism was watching two black girls at recess arguing about something I can’t recall. Insults were being tossed back and forth but one female who was lighter compared to the other girl, screamed at her and told her that she was an African booty… Continue reading Colorism: Blacker The Berry Sweeter The Juice

My Life Be Like

Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with darker skin tones. Typically, this occurs among people of the same ethnic or racial group. For example, colorism within the Black community says you’re too dark to be beautiful, or you’re too light to be black. It has been a serious emotional and psychological battle for all… Continue reading Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

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Love Your Skin- stop the body shaming!

Body shaming is the act of humiliating people about their shape or size, and is one issue in society that affects women of all ages. Men tend to hide their insecurities, but we women talk about ours. On social media or among other women, most aren’t afraid to discuss the bodies they wish to have,… Continue reading Love Your Skin- stop the body shaming!

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BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.

Knowing your true self and reclaiming your power as a colored woman is extremely indispensable. As history changes over time and the female population amplify, it is important for colored women to get further knowledge within the self. Defining thyself as a woman of color and getting more in tune with self as some would… Continue reading BLACK WOMAN- Let’s Talk About It.


Slowly But Surely #Progress

Hey guys, I feel like I had a very productive week. I have been working hard for my event planning internship and I have been grinding at my full time job as well. My level of productivity has definitely increased and now my best friend and I have finally started talking about our plans to… Continue reading Slowly But Surely #Progress


#24 Random Facts About Me

Hey loves! So in honor of my 24th birthday coming up I have decided to post 24 facts about me. These are the most random things ever, but it will give you a little more insight on the person I am. Enjoy 🙂 I have never broken a bone (knock on wood) I have EXTREMELY… Continue reading #24 Random Facts About Me