Slowly But Surely #Progress

Hey guys,

I feel like I had a very productive week. I have been working hard for my event planning internship and I have been grinding at my full time job as well. My level of productivity has definitely increased and now my best friend and I have finally started talking about our plans to move out. Last night I went to her house and we broke down every detail we need to consider if we want to move out by January 2018. I was hoping we could move out sooner but she had a good point; we should wait and save a certain amount of money so we are not struggling. We both make enough money to where we can save up and live comfortably at our parent’s house; we just need to be more disciplined.

 Our plan is to save up $6,000 by October and to have $8,000 by December. I am confident about saving the $6,000, but I don’t know about $8,000, because that is the holiday season, and I planned on going to the east coast for my birthday. I am happy that we started the discussion though, because now we know where we want to go and how to get there.

 I had a mini depression phase, because my skin was breaking out and I found out my hair is falling out! I definitely don’t take as much care of myself as I need to, but now I am on the right track. My prescribed skin cream was delivered and it works like magic. It’s only been one week and my face is looking almost flawless. It was breaking out so bad that I didn’t even want to leave the house, so I am glad that is under control. I always procrastinate on ordering more cream even though I know it’s a hassle to get a refill. My dad reminded me that I need to order more as soon as my current amount is half way done. I plan on following this advice. I have been focusing on improving a couple other things this month. Bringing a lunch to work and going to bed earlier are my items of focus for March. I have been done good with these things three days out of five. Not bad, but I do need to make these things a habit so it just comes natural to me. Next month I am trying not to shop and not to snack. This will be hard, but April is a pretty uneventful month so I think I can do it. Stay tuned.

 As far as my hair it has been breaking off because I got a perm without being consistent and I also flat iron it waaaaaay too much. Therefore I have been changing my habits. I have been more consistent about wrapping my hair (previously, I wouldn’t do it when I was tired), and it has been a week and I haven’t missed a day or flat ironed my hair. I am honestly over wearing weaves and wigs so I need to take the necessary steps to make sure my hair stays healthy. This includes keeping heat off of it and going to the shop every two weeks. Wish me luck! I want to be long hair don’t care by October LOL. Wishful thinking.

 I am going to Las Vegas in two weeks. It will be less people going and I am single this time around so I know I will have more fun. I am happy that I have been going on so many trips. Getting a way for a couple days before coming back to reality is good for the soul. I used to never go anywhere but since last year I have went to New Jersey, San Diego and Las Angeles. I hope Vegas is nothing but fun memories and unforgettable moments. I am super excited.




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