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Overthinking & It’s Relation To Mental Health.

Overthinking—sometimes I think it's going to be the death of me. I have my days where I get into a state where I'm thinking way too much, unable to turn off my brain no matter how much I try. I think of ways to relax but my mind still tends to move at 1000 mph,… Continue reading Overthinking & It’s Relation To Mental Health.


Slowly But Surely #Progress

Hey guys, I feel like I had a very productive week. I have been working hard for my event planning internship and I have been grinding at my full time job as well. My level of productivity has definitely increased and now my best friend and I have finally started talking about our plans to… Continue reading Slowly But Surely #Progress


Self Awareness and Fortune Cookies

Wassup everybody! March has been off to a good start. I feel a lot more organized and a lot more happy and to top it all off I finally bought a new car! It was a very stressful process going from dealership to dealership trying to find what I was looking for but fortunately my… Continue reading Self Awareness and Fortune Cookies


The Storm is Over Now 

Hey guys! It has been like a month since I have updated you all and honestly it is because I have had so much going on. I have been plotting on how to get an interview at my dream job (which I achieved), I found out the truth about another loser (poor judgment yet again),… Continue reading The Storm is Over Now