The Storm is Over Now 

Hey guys!

It has been like a month since I have updated you all and honestly it is because I have had so much going on. I have been plotting on how to get an interview at my dream job (which I achieved), I found out the truth about another loser (poor judgment yet again), I have been dealing with the insurance company post car accident (that’s finally been resolved), and trying to stack stack stack so I can move out (that’s been successful, I must say). But now I finally feel a little at ease. I am about to buy a new car Sunday and I’m excited! I have never got to actually pick out a car. My mom picked out all my cars cause she’s good at finding deals. But now is my chance! I don’t know what I am going to end up with, but I know God (and my parents) will help me make the right decision.

I have been feeling insecure, because of all the weight I have gained. I went to the gym once last week and it was amazing, but of course due to all life’s priorities, I haven’t gone back. My job just has me soooooo exhausted. Even though I have a desk job it is still exhausting to stare at a computer for eight hours. Once I am off I just want to lay down and the last thing I want to do is get on an elliptical or lift weights. However, I need to do this for me. I had a fast metabolism but for once in my life I am noticing a stomach and other people are pointing it out too. Yes I am getting a bigger butt which is dope, but this stomach has got to go haha. Going to bed earlier so I have more energy is definitely a part of it all, but of course I am failing miserably. I just need to get it together. I always make this statement, but believe me I have made progress. I have saved money, I have started bringing my lunch some days and I have been more focused on my work. I have been given more responsibilities at work so I have to focus and pay closer attention. I have been so distracted by life that I have been making rookie mistakes so it is time to get it together. Although this is not my career, I for sure don’t want to continue to half ass my responsibilities. I want to give it my all! Especially since life is starting to fall into place, I need to start taking things one day at a time and not stressing over all the tasks I have for the week/ month.

I have been lied to so much I am far removed from dating. I was excited about who I’d meet in 2017 but now I’m like ehh. I am good. I am just trying to understand why grown people lie so much. I was a liar in high school, but now I feel too grown to lie. However, I keep encountering people who lie non stop. I won’t lie, I am gullible so I usually believe people even when things sound funny and don’t add up. But at this point in life never again. I would trust people until I had a reason not to, but now I definetely have the mentality where I feel like people have to earn my trust. I have been through way to much to put up with it. It feels good to have a wall up to be honest, because I have always been extremely open. It is 2017 and times have changed in Michaela’s world. Don’t believe me, just watch.

I want to use this upcoming Sunday to really plan a schedule for the month of March. My schedules are usually unreasonable, so I want to take a couple hours to really figure out what will work, so I can be consistent. If  I get more sleep I know balancing my hectic lifestyle will be more feasible so that is my first priority. I know I have been saying that but it needs to get done. Plus I’m tired of spending money on energy drinks they’re too expensive lol. Everyone have a great weekend 🙂




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