How to Make a Girl Happy on V-Day

Hey everyone!

With V-Day approaching, I wanted to give guys a list of what I think women would love. These things are a little more thoughtful than the traditional dinner and teddy bear. It’s time for men to think outside the box haha. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

  1. Write a hand written letter

    Some women are hopeless romantics and would love something as simple as a hand written letter expressing your love. DO IT. It doesn’t take long and will mean the world to your girl. And it’s free LOL.

  2. Breakfast in Bed

    Every girl has dreamed of their man cooking them breakfast in bed, but few get it. Look up some recipes online and make this happen for her. Breakfast food is the easiest food to make, FYI.

  3. Concert Tickets

    Way to a girls heart besides food… concert tickets! If one of your girls favorite artists has a show coming up surprise her with tickets. This is ultra special and a good way to show her that you pay attention to her likes and interests.

  4. Build a Bear Workshop

    Go to Build a Bear Workshop and make your girl a masterpiece! Most couples go in and do this together, but I think a guy going to make a bear and presenting it to his girl is way more creative. You can incorporate her animal interests (it doesn’t have to be a bear), her likes (put a dog in a cheerleader outfit) and even record a sweet message to play from the bear.

  5. Create a Gift Basket

    I think that creating a gift basket is much more special than putting gifts in a bag! A gift basket will showcase everything at once and you can personalize what’s inside and the arrangement. Presentation is everything and I think something like this is sooo thoughtful!

  6. Create a Playlist

    I think a playlist of songs that remind you of her is so adorable. This is really sweet and you never know, you might introduce your girl to some new music.

  7. Flowers/ Edible Arrangements Sent to her Job

    Every girl likes to stunt and show off how good her man is to her colleagues. Perfect way to help her do this?  Send flowers to her job! This will make any girls day having everyone see that fresh bouquet of roses or some delicious chocolate fruit that she didn’t expect, .

  8.  Outfit for the Night

    In addition to taking your girl out on Valentine’s Day surprise her with a new outfit to wear that night. This one will take a little thought, but the look on her face when she sees that new dress/ top will be so worth it. So pay attention to her clothes or ask her friends has she been looking at any outfits recently.

  9. Decorate the Room

    Now guys don’t typically do this, but decorate a room/ the house if you guys live together and have her walk in. Cover the room in all her favorite goodies and have her favorite song playing. This is the perfect way to set the mood.

  10. First Date Again

    I really like the recreation of your first date. Do this for her on Valentine’s day and reminisce on the beginning. I like this, because most guys have terrible memories and don’t even remember the first date haha so if you remember do this!

  11. Book a Couples Massage

    This is one of my personal favorites and something I have always wanted to do! Book a couples massage and get pampered with your girl. You guys will leave super relaxed and happy. Use Groupon, because massages can be pricey.

  12. Have food Sent to Her Job

    If your significant other has work on Valentine’s Day (which she probably does, because it is on a Tuesday) send her some lunch! Figure out the address to her job and what time she takes her lunch and make her favorite meal “pop out of nowhere.” You can use Uber Eats, Door Dash or Postmates for this. Or hey, maybe just show up and take her somewhere if you don’t have work that day.




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