My Life Be Like

Get To Know Me

When I started writing for QMC two years ago I came in hot in heavy, writing an article about Oral Sex. You would have thought I was some kind of sex expert or big time freak, which I am expert & I'm light on the freak these days. I realized that through my writing… Continue reading Get To Know Me

My Life Be Like

Talking SPIT: A Guide to Your Bowel Movements

If you are familiar with the incredible show that is "MTV's Wild 'N Out," I am sure you have heard of the game "Talking Spit." If not, Nick Cannon and a guest, fill their mouths up with water, and try not to spit it out by laughing. It is one of my favorite games on… Continue reading Talking SPIT: A Guide to Your Bowel Movements

My Life Be Like

My Weight Loss Battle

The scale, it's not a girl's best friend but more like the girl across the hall that gave you dirty looks and made up rumors about you in school. It's legit my worst enemy, yet I can't help but go back to it hoping it will stop deceiving me. I know, I hear it all… Continue reading My Weight Loss Battle

Hidden Gems

Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (The Crabby Shack Edition)

In the newest segment of Exploring Brooklyn, I thought I'd venture into the restaurant industry and see what I could find. Living in New York City, there's food literally everywhere, and while I think every spot is a gem in it's own right, I love finding those special spots that make my heart sing. I… Continue reading Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (The Crabby Shack Edition)


My Body

When I was younger I got made fun of constantly for being skinny. I was called a giraffe and boys would say things like "look at those mosquito bites" referring to my non existent boobs and "save some for the other trees" when I would drink from the water fountain. Most of my friends developed early… Continue reading My Body


How to Make a Girl Happy on V-Day

Hey everyone! With V-Day approaching, I wanted to give guys a list of what I think women would love. These things are a little more thoughtful than the traditional dinner and teddy bear. It's time for men to think outside the box haha. Enjoy and feel free to comment! Write a hand written letter Some… Continue reading How to Make a Girl Happy on V-Day


21 Things I Like to Eat

Hey! Because I love making lists here is a list of all my favorite foods and snacks. Maybe it will come in handy if someone upsets me and wants to make it up to me haha. These are just 20 random things I love and enjoy. Hope that I put you on some of them… Continue reading 21 Things I Like to Eat