Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (The Crabby Shack Edition)

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In the newest segment of Exploring Brooklyn, I thought I’d venture into the restaurant industry and see what I could find. Living in New York City, there’s food literally everywhere, and while I think every spot is a gem in it’s own right, I love finding those special spots that make my heart sing. I love love LOVE seafood, and thought I’d go explore Brooklyn to see what I could find.

The Crabby Shack

So the way I found The Crabby Shack was through word of mouth, as well as a mini docuseries Insider had made recognizing them last year. I rarely go out to eat seafood, mainly because it can get expensive, but I thought I was well overdue for some of my favorite flavors.

The Crabby Shack is owned and operated by co-owners Fifi Bell-Clanton and Gwen Woods. On their website, they both share their stories of passion for seafood: “In Philadelphia, where Fifi grew up, crabs are a popular fare. Many neighborhoods have crab places serving up Blue crab, Dungeness crab and Alaskan Snow crab….Gwen grew up with a family tradition of crab. Her father is from the Chesapeake Bay area and as a treat for the family, always brought crabs back after visiting his home.” Both Fifi and Gwen were frustrated by the lack of crab in New York, and decided to open up a crab restaurant. A year later, The Crabby Shack was created, and they are THRIVING!

I ordered a few things off the menu (because I don’t know when the next time I plan on balling out on some seafood), and I was surprised at the prices. I felt that their menu was reasonably priced for seafood, which made my decision to order a bunch of things much easier. While everything sounded amazing, I decided to go with the Crab Grilled Cheese, Crab Mac and Cheese, and their famous Crab Roll. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it all again!) Everything was absolutely delicious.

The Crabby Shack also does dope collaborations on their page with local business owners  to shed light on supporting local business! 

In addition to food, the atmosphere was warm and homey, as well as open and bright. I highly recommend heading to The Crabby Shack for great seafood, as well as a wonderful friendly community!


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