Talking SPIT: A Guide to Your Bowel Movements

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If you are familiar with the incredible show that is “MTV’s Wild ‘N Out,” I am sure you have heard of the game “Talking Spit.” If not, Nick Cannon and a guest, fill their mouths up with water, and try not to spit it out by laughing. It is one of my favorite games on the show. Although you may have already guessed by the title, we are not talking about things that come out of people’s mouths.

We are talking, poop.
We are talking about texture, color, ease of passing, and everything in between.
Now I am not doing any research for this article, nor am I a medical professional. These are just a few of my observations from how my diet affects what my “spit” looks like.

Eating fast food:
There was a time where I was pulled in so many directions that all I ate was fast food. I did not eat many vegetables, grains, or balanced meals. I was drinking a lot of water, but even that could not compensate for my horrible diet. Going to the bathroom was awful. I would sit on the toilet for hours in pain only to look down at the basin and see nothing. Imagine this, on Monday you sit to poop and .. nothing. Tuesday and Wednesday come and go, and you still have not used the restroom. Finally, on Thursday, you sit down, and you’re able to have a bowel movement. If that doesn’t tell you that food is poison, I don’t know what can. My “spit” was a few dry, small circles. If your poop looks like that and its consistently hurting tremendously, time for a diet change.

Eating Healthier:
My general diet consists of smoothies, starches, and chipotle. However, I almost entirely stay away from red meat, put spinach in all smoothies, and eat lots of grains, oatmeals, and the like. Once I began to eat better, my bowel movements were much more frequent and more comfortable to pass through. My “Spit” also did not look dry, was shaped like an intestine, not a circle, and came around at least every other day.

Being Fegan:
Being “Fegan” or fake vegan was interesting for me. Mostly because it only lasted three days. But secondly because of my bowel movements. I was always on the toilet. Each time I used the bathroom, my poop looked full of fibers, was green rather than brown, and filled the toilet bowl. It also came out so clean that I used less toilet paper and was in zero pain. Now, I don’t think I have the discipline to be vegan as a lifestyle; however, the benefits of just those few days showed me why so many people are making that decision. I had more energy, no abdominal pain, and less pain in my body overall.

Regardless of what you eat, remember, your “spit” should never look like a dry, dusty ball.

Thanks for reading.


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