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TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3

Hey You, It's me again... I know I keep on walking out the door. Returning when I've gotten over everything you've done to hurt me. Yeah, I know I hurt you too but it was only because my heart couldn't take being broken in two so I did everything in my power to hurt you… Continue reading TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3


How to Make a Girl Happy on V-Day

Hey everyone! With V-Day approaching, I wanted to give guys a list of what I think women would love. These things are a little more thoughtful than the traditional dinner and teddy bear. It's time for men to think outside the box haha. Enjoy and feel free to comment! Write a hand written letter Some… Continue reading How to Make a Girl Happy on V-Day


My Social Media Rant

So social media is starting to annoy me L.O.L. I think back and reminisce on the days of Myspace and old school YouTube when there was no ads and we could scroll and watch videos to our hearts content. Now everything is about views, sponsors and how many clicks. I can not stand it. I… Continue reading My Social Media Rant