My Social Media Rant

So social media is starting to annoy me L.O.L. I think back and reminisce on the days of Myspace and old school YouTube when there was no ads and we could scroll and watch videos to our hearts content. Now everything is about views, sponsors and how many clicks. I can not stand it.

I understand that this is 2016 and the impact of social media has been discovered but sheesh. Drowning us in ads is getting so irritating! The thing that prompted me to create this blog post was the announcement that Snap chat is going to start showing advertisements between stories. For those of you unfamiliar with Snap Chat , a story is the series of small clips a user posts. Snap Chat first annoyed me last month.Their update last month basically forces you to watch people’s stories by making them run together continuously. I am not sure when the advertisements between stories will be in full effect but I really am pissed. Snap chat already has advertisements at the top of the application and advertisements included in their filters, why can’t that be enough? I guess they have to compete with Facebook/ Instagram (they are owned by the same folks). On Facebook your information and posts you click are used to provide ads that cater to you, which is rather creepy if I do say so myself. Then there is Instagram that shows posts from “popular” pages that you do not even follow.

It just sucks that we are losing control of what we view on our social media pages. If anything, create an option where we have to pay a small amount to remove all ads or something. Refrain from forcing us to view all these random advertisements. I am not going to lie I would pay a dollar per month to remove all these ads L.O.L (no more than that it is not that serious). And honestly, it should be a dollar per month for Facebook and Instagram advertisement removal combined, because they are like a package deal technically.

Snap chat was the best thing out. No advertisements, just pure entertainment. But I can’t knock them for having to compete with the other social medias. What is happening on Twitter  btw? That is the only social media network that I just can not get engaged in. That’s pretty funny seeing that I used to be a Twitter Queen back in 2012.

I guess social media has recently had SOME updates I actually like. An example is Facebook’s Check feature. That is a really smart way for people to alert family and friends that they are okay when tragedy strikes. Snap chat recently updated to where you can make emojis fly in your videos and also apply filters for two people instead of one which is dope. However, the whole force feeding of advertisements needs to exit stage left! I just can’t deal.


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