The Sociopath (PART 2)

On New Years Eve me and Lina met Sebastian and his friends at a rave in Oakland. That night ended up being a total disaster. His friends were being annoying AF and he and I ended up arguing over something stupid... at that moment I knew 2016 would be a shit show. Since I lived… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 2)


The Good News and the Bad News

Hey loves, Happy to announce that today is my last day of work and then I have five days off. I can not wait to relax and then celebrate Christmas and my birthday with my family and friends. I have another birthday celebration coming up on December 30th and I am SUPER excited. The first… Continue reading The Good News and the Bad News


Why we love “Ghosting” People in 2016

In this day and age, if people do not want to talk to someone they “go ghost”. Ghosting means to disappear in a ghost like fashion from someone’s life. That means not responding to them, deleting them from social media and avoiding them at all costs. Sadly, this is the world we live in. If… Continue reading Why we love “Ghosting” People in 2016


Why I SMH at Dating in 2016

Hey guys, Being single again has made me notice a lot about people. I have made some observations about women and men, so this post is dedicated to how I feel about dating in 2016. Some may call this a rant... but it is what it is L.O.L. In 2016, people think it is okay… Continue reading Why I SMH at Dating in 2016


I’m Doing this Because YOLO

Hey  guys, This week is over and I am DRAINED. After being swamped at work Tuesday- Friday and working my other job Saturday in the heat, I wanted to do something fun. The weird part about this weekend is that I was up until 5AM Friday and Saturday night. Friday I took a three hour… Continue reading I’m Doing this Because YOLO


I Have Never…

Ate a hot pocket Felt like I could be myself in a relationship Been good at math Been able to whistle Liked Nas the rapper Watched How to Get Away with Murder Liked the color orange Been able to cut people off easily Been more clueless than I have been in 2016. Liked Commitment to… Continue reading I Have Never…


2010 VS. 2016 #TheTransformation

I have come a long way! Haha, six years later no braids, no fake glasses. I am definitely  way more confident now and happy about my appearance. I always wanted a nose ring, but I was scared to get it, because I do not like needles. However, I maned up last year and now my… Continue reading 2010 VS. 2016 #TheTransformation


My Social Media Rant

So social media is starting to annoy me L.O.L. I think back and reminisce on the days of Myspace and old school YouTube when there was no ads and we could scroll and watch videos to our hearts content. Now everything is about views, sponsors and how many clicks. I can not stand it. I… Continue reading My Social Media Rant