I’m Doing this Because YOLO

Hey  guys,

This week is over and I am DRAINED. After being swamped at work Tuesday- Friday and working my other job Saturday in the heat, I wanted to do something fun. The weird part about this weekend is that I was up until 5AM Friday and Saturday night. Friday I took a three hour nap that screwed me over when it was time to sleep and then last night I went to a house party. The party was soooo fun! I got to see a lot of familiar faces and I got to dance, which is something I enjoy. There is nothing  better than being around good people and hearing good music. There was nothing but positive vibes :).

A lot of people do not understand my life. It is hectic, because a lot of people hit me up with a lot of opportunities and I have a lot of friends. Am I tired most of the time? Definitely. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t have it any other way. My life is very productive and extremely fun. Shout out to those people who aren’t making any moves, and those who are making so many they aren’t having any fun. However, that is not me. I find it healthy to find a balance of both. Therefore, coffee and energy drinks are a necessity.

YOLO… a term popularized by Drake in recent years. What does it stand for some people may ask? You Only Live Once. I find this term to be completely accurate. Why be a workaholic and not enjoy life? If you die tomorrow, all the money you made/ saved means nothing. I’d rather have memories. It is important to build an empire and leave a legacy and that is what I am trying to do. So while everyone is in bed at 10 PM sleeping peacefully, I am up plotting on my next move. Plotting how I am going to build my brand and make a difference. For those on the same page as me, let’s brainstorm. An empire will take many, not one. I am confident that everyone has something to bring to the table… confidence is key!

This week i want to focus on excelling at my job and on my goals. I want to not let outside forces distract me and I want to be a better me. I was doing so good putting 150% effort in every aspect of my life. However, the last couple months I have been slacking. I will excel this week and come up with more ideas… ideas are what makes the world go round. I refuse to keep making money for someone’s company when I am perfectly capable of creating my own. All I want to do is flourish and I’m beginning to find the tools to do so.

It is now Fall and the year will be over soon. I will admit, 2016 was a joke to me. Yes I have accomplished a couple goals, but the goals I have in progress will completely overshadow my minimal accomplishments. I am done wasting time, energy and money on worthless entities, as you should be. If people aren’t bringing positive vibes and support, LIG (let it go). Coming from someone who never let’s anyone go, I want to advise everyone not to be like me. Pay attention to red flags and negativity. Those things will only hold you back. After being held back for an entire year, I don’t want it anymore. The months of August and September were like my confused months: What just happened? What do I need to do differently? What am I doing here? How do I achieve my goals? I had so many questions the last couple months… but now I have my answers and I am ready to test them out… is that you October? If so, what’s good ❤




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