I Have Never…

  1. Ate a hot pocket
  2. Felt like I could be myself in a relationship
  3. Been good at math
  4. Been able to whistle
  5. Liked Nas the rapper
  6. Watched How to Get Away with Murder
  7. Liked the color orange
  8. Been able to cut people off easily
  9. Been more clueless than I have been in 2016.
  10. Liked Commitment to plans, people, anything
  11. Liked Sour cream, mayonnaise or cream cheese
  12. Been able to work out consistently
  13. Been able to go to bed early… #NightOwl
  14. Been able to walk in heels
  15. Been able to french braid hair
  16. Liked people who always have a smart ass remark
  17. Ate fire chicken breast from Panda Express
  18. Bought hot coffee from Starbucks
  19. Been more honest than I’ve been in 2016
  20. Wanted to be settled down in life more than I do right now.

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