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Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

On Sunday March 31st, community leader, entrepreneur and rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles. Nipsey was LA’s self-made legend who crafted his own space into the music industry, business and philanthropy by living by the “G Code”, or honoring the code of… Continue reading Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

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5 Reasons Quavo’s Debut Album is Trash

Earlier this month, Quavo (1/3 of the Migos) released his debut studio album, Quavo Huncho. There is no denying that this album is garbage. I am a huge Migos fan, so I naturally listened to Quavo's new album to see how it came out. And let's just say it came out exactly how I expected it… Continue reading 5 Reasons Quavo’s Debut Album is Trash


I Have Never…

Ate a hot pocket Felt like I could be myself in a relationship Been good at math Been able to whistle Liked Nas the rapper Watched How to Get Away with Murder Liked the color orange Been able to cut people off easily Been more clueless than I have been in 2016. Liked Commitment to… Continue reading I Have Never…