5 Reasons Quavo’s Debut Album is Trash


Earlier this month, Quavo (1/3 of the Migos) released his debut studio album, Quavo Huncho. There is no denying that this album is garbage. I am a huge Migos fan, so I naturally listened to Quavo’s new album to see how it came out. And let’s just say it came out exactly how I expected it to. Why? Check out my five reasons below:

1. The Features

Quavo’s album includes features from artists such as Normani, Saweetie, 21 Savage and Madonna. Usually featured artists add positive enhancements to a track, but not in this case. Almost every feature sounded whack like there was minimal effort. As soon as I heard Cardi B say “I get pissed off, you get pissed on” I gave up on the album LOL. Shoutout to Drake though, for providing a quality verse on the song Flip the Switch. But overall, the featured artists on this album did not come through.

2. The Repetition

Someone commented that Quavo’s album sounds like the same song 19 times and I wholeheartedly agree. The auto tone, ad libs and lyrics about money, women and haters was so repetitive. A perfect example is the song Workin Me, which to me sounded like the Migos hit Stir Fry all over again

3.  The Nicki Minaj Diss

Everyone knows I am a huge and dedicated Nicki Minaj fan. When I found out that Quavo directly dissed her on his track Huncho Dreams, I was ready to throw bows. Like how dare you diss Nicki and talk about how you allegedly had sex with her on your whack ass album? This was totally a publicity stunt in response to Nicki briefly mentioning Quavo on her track Barbie Dreams. Quavo clearly mentioned Nicki to get some clout and bring some attention to his non anticipated album. It was just so desperate and uncalled for in my opinion. Male rappers are dissing female rappers now? Is that what we are doing?

4. Not Necessary 

Being a huge Migos fan, I just have to ask… what made them feel like they have enough talent to go solo? The three of them together, I am all here for it. They make good anthems that we will all remember forever. But each of them individually is just not the spirit. Now don’t get me wrong, Quavo has provided some great hooks in his day. But a WHOLE Quavo album? No one asked for it and no one needed it. If you want to stand as an individual so bad, continue to do features and kill it like you’ve been doing. Period.Point.Blank. 

5. Migos Features? Really?

The last weird thing to me was Quavo going solo and featuring members of the group on his album. The whole point of going solo is establishing yourself as an individual artist. How the hell are your songs not going to sound like Migos songs when two out of the three group members are included on the track? When Beyonce went solo, there was no tracks with Kelly and Michelle. When Justin Timberlake went solo, there was no tracks with Lance or JC. I just don’t understand the logic.

Quavo Huncho was just BAD. How seven of the songs are on the Billboard 100? I don’t get it. Don’t waste time listening to it. If you are a Migos fan, I suggest you just wait for Culture 3, which will be released early next year. 


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