Why I SMH at Dating in 2016

Hey guys,

Being single again has made me notice a lot about people. I have made some observations about women and men, so this post is dedicated to how I feel about dating in 2016. Some may call this a rant… but it is what it is L.O.L.

In 2016, people think it is okay to be on their phone during a date.

Having a conversation at the table while looking down texting/ checking social media… not okay. I understand the occasional text message, or checking of notifications, but don’t EVER think it is okay for your phone to be in your hand the entire date. That is so extremely disrespectful! I have never seen this more than I have now.  Guys have been doing it to me and I have observed it from men and women when I go eat with my friends or family. This has to stop.

In 2016, women think that men should immediately pay for everything.

I disagree. Although men are supposed to be the dominate ones, I wouldn’t want to cash out and wine and dine someone I barely know. That’s why words should be chosen carefully… I would say “Let’s grab a bite to eat” I wouldn’t say “Let me take you out to dinner,” because truth be told, someone you do not know shouldn’t be “taking” you anywhere. I don’t know, a part of me has always felt things should be more mutual between men and women… but maybe that’s just my independent personality. If someone I barely know pays for my meal, I feel like they feel entitled to something, although that isn’t always the case. I would rather drive myself and pay for my own meal. Therefore, I don’t owe you anything, and if it gets weird I can bounce out.

I have had one terrible date where the person picked me up from my house. The date was sooo awkward and I wanted to leave so bad. I told him I wanted to leave, and he keep stalling, which was super annoying. Of course I could have called someone to come save me or I could of jumped on the bus, but I didn’t want to do that. I vowed from that day on that I will always meet for dates at the location… feeling trapped somewhere you don’t want to be is the worst, but females think a guy is “sweet” if you just met and he volunteers to pick you up for the date. I’ll pass.

Another strange thing about that is that this guy (who may be cool, or may not be)now has your address. I hope women would be smart enough to give the address to a near gas station or something, but then again, some women aren’t. Hang out with someone as friends in the beginning. Having someone pick you up from your house and pay for you in the beginning is just too much. If you were friends/ knew each other first and he wants to pay and pick you up for a date, that’s different. But in regards to a stranger, I like to keep things chill. I mean in theory two people should be friends first anyway right? Which means they aren’t paying for you and cashing out.

In 2016, people think it’s okay to say one thing, and do the opposite.

This is why I feel like everyone in this generation is confused. People will say “I don’t want to be in a relationship” but they will have one person they talk to consistently, have sexual relations with and hang out with all the time. I understand some people just don’t want the commitment, but some people will be committed to this one person and never make it official (which is stupid) and eventually someone ends up wanting a relationship and the other person doesn’t (even though it basically is a relationship) and it ends on a bad note, because someone caught feelings (someone always does). I just hate when people try to say “You knew what this was” that statement is a cop out in my opinion. Usually it is apparent when someone starts catching feelings, but the other person will be selfish and keep the “situationship” going for the own selfish reasons. Regardless of how honest you’ve been, you are in the wrong. People just use people for sex, conversation, comfort or whatever and go on like its nothing. People need to do better and make sure they are on the same page.

In conclusion, I just wish people were more considerate and less selfish. So many feelings would be spared if people thought about the person on the other end. But like I said, this is dating in 2016 haha.


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