My Decision to be Broke, but Happy

“Don’t waste your time chasing things that will never be beneficial to your future.”

~April Mae Monterrosa

Hey guys!

This weekend has been one word: lit. I was in San Jose for most of it, but today I will staying close to home. Time to recover L.O.L. This entire week was so great! I worked hard at work, I baby sat (made an extra $110 for the week) and then I turnt up with my real sister and my sorority sisters… it doesn’t get any better than that.
I have been thinking about my future and I have devised a new plan. Watching people working jobs that have nothing to do with their passion, makes me so sad. I definitely refuse to be one of those people for much longer. Writing, planning events and promoting makes me so happy. Therefore, in February, I will be quitting my job to focus on my career.

I know that for a lot of people, the decision to work a random job is based on income. The job they want to be doing doesn’t pay enough, so they give up their dreams and settle. I have had the same thought process. I know people working at Costco that are making $19, when I have a college degree and I am making nothing even close to that. It is frustrating… should I just say forget it and work at Costco? In my frustration, I started looking at jobs that pay well. All of the jobs were nowhere near what I want to do.

So after much thought and consideration, I decided that my happiness means more to me than money right now. Instead of working two jobs to make ends meet, I need to be focusing on the job that can lead me into the career I desire. It may seem stupid to some people, because people our age are all struggling, but I just feel like I should not be doing anything not related to my interests.

I know some people have no choice, but I am in a position where my struggle isn’t so real. I mean it’s real, but living at home with my family has definitely made it easier for me to save money. I have saved and plan on saving for the next couple months, so a pay cut won’t be the worst thing in the world.And you never know, me focusing on the job in my field may be the best decision I ever make. I will be more present and able to network and you never know where that may take me.

I am excited! Being a workaholic since 16, I have never chose happiness over money. There would be many events and places I wanted to go, but I would choose to make money instead. Now that I am done with school, it is imperative that I focus on my career goal. I refuse to focus on the money that could be made right now, when I could be building a career that gives me a stable income in the future.

I encourage everyone to make the same decision. Unless you are completely self sufficient and have to grind to eat, stop working these random jobs that aren’t related to the career you want. One of my favorite people, Thomas, is my inspiration. He has worked many random jobs throughout college, but he recently decided to stop working these jobs and focus on DJing, which is his passion. At first I thought this was a ridiculous decision. Why would he stop working to focus on DJing? That isn’t a steady income, what if he goes broke?! But I have seen him flourish in the last year and he looks so happy. By refusing to work the irrelevant jobs, he has been able to build his clientele and get more experience.

His story makes me so happy, because I know that the same can happen for me and others. So follow your dreams and passions ASAP! Don’t waste another minute working at a job you don’t like, when you could be focusing on your goal.


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