Don’t Spend Cuffing Season Netflix & Chillin’

Ladies and gents, I know it’s getting cold outside and the rain is starting to pour down and that usually only means one thing—cuffing season. What is cuffing season, you ask? Well, to keep it simple, when the weather starts to change aka get on the chillier side, single men and women suddenly get this … More Don’t Spend Cuffing Season Netflix & Chillin’

Meet the Multi-talented Curator and Creative Majesticjune (@Majesticjune_)

I met my sis Majesticjune when I was working in radio. When she walked up to me she gave me the warmest hug and at that moment I knew we would be friends. This girl is so dope! Words cant even describe how talented she is and how she works to create quality events for … More Meet the Multi-talented Curator and Creative Majesticjune (@Majesticjune_)

Issa Celebration

So yesterday was my review at my full time job. I was SO nervous, because my boss lowkey chewed me out the day before, because I didn’t complete some tasks she wanted me to. But regardless of that I had told myself that if she didn’t offer me the amount of money I felt like … More Issa Celebration

Why I Love October

Hi guys! So it is October (as of 34 minutes ago) and I am excited! What does October mean? Besides my mom’s birthday, my best friend’s birthday and Halloween, October is just a good month. I don’t know why, but I always enjoy October lol. Looking forward to what random adventures happen and I will … More Why I Love October