Don’t Spend Cuffing Season Netflix & Chillin’

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Ladies and gents, I know it’s getting cold outside and the rain is starting to pour down and that usually only means one thing—cuffing season. What is cuffing season, you ask? Well, to keep it simple, when the weather starts to change aka get on the chillier side, single men and women suddenly get this motivation to become one and spend a lot of time together. By time summer rolls around and that sun starts shining through, those that participate in cuffing season are more than likely back playing the field. I, myself, also find myself wanting to be cuddled up under someone or go on a few dates but I usually resist the urge and stick to my bed and streaming platforms.

Now, for those of you who are ready to get in the game, the one thing I will say is don’t get yourself caught up in a Netflix & Chill situation, unless you’re okay with becoming someones fuck buddy for the season. If that’s all you’re into then good for you but this one is more for my guys and gals that want to have a great time with good company outside of the bedroom. Below I have a list of date ideas for you and your new found bae.

Ideas That Will Get You Out The House

1. Take A Cooking Class

Cooking classes can be fun, yet romantic, especially if this is your first time going on a date and are having that debate everyone all hates—what do you want to eat? Not only is it a learning experience but it also gives you a chance to bond.

2. Go To A Play or Comedy Show 

Do something a little different liking going to see a play or maybe you have a favorite comedian or someone you’ve been wanting to see.

3. Ice Skating

It may not keep you as warm as you’d like but it will give you a chance to talk, laugh and maybe even get a little close. Grab your gloves, beanie, scarf and puff jackets and go have a ball.

4. Coffee & Open Mic

You may think this is something that only happens in the movies but open mic nights are still alive. Sip on a nice cup of warm coffee, hot chocolate if you prefer and enjoy some music or spoken word. Discuss your favorite piece from the night. If it’s not too late or cold after, maybe even go for a nice walk.

5. Visit A Museum 

Get some culture in your life! Visit a museum in or near your city. Learn some news things about art pieces and history with the person you’re into. Could lead to a strong bond that’ll end up up lasting for every season.


 If You Must Stay Inside

Okay, so you decided it’s just one of those nights you really just don’t want to go outside. Either it’s too cold/wet, you want to save some money or the two of you just want to have a chill night inside. That doesn’t mean you have to revert to Netflix & Chilling. Here are a few ideas, just for you.

1. Play Board/Card Games

Make the night interesting—have a game night with some other “cuffing season couples.” Pull out Cards of Humanity or What’s the Meme? along with a couple of drinks. The laughs are sure to come and you’ll get to know the kind of humor someone enjoys. If it’s just the two of you, start a game of Monopoly, Go Fish or whatever you enjoy.

2. Have a Picnic 

But like inside on some romantic movie type hype. Light some candles, layout a blanket, put some flowers out, grab some wine, your favorite take out and then put on a movie or some music—whichever you prefer.

3. DIY Projects

Has there been something you’ve been dying to build or you happened to come across your bae’s Pinterest account? Make it a date; get that project going.

4. Couple’s Book Club

Now this is going to take some planning but can come in handy. Read some of each other’s favorite books and the day you two decided to call it a night inside, instead of watching movies, discuss the book you read. Who were your favorite characters? Was the ending what you expected? etc.

5. Be Childish – Let Your Inner Child Out

Build a fort in front of the TV or fire like you did as children. Tell stories while eating a bunch of snacks. Maybe watch a movie, do a sing-a-long or even have an old fashioned pillow fight. It’s also nice to let out your inner child. Why not do it with good company?



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