Meet the Multi-talented Curator and Creative Majesticjune (@Majesticjune_)

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I met my sis Majesticjune when I was working in radio. When she walked up to me she gave me the warmest hug and at that moment I knew we would be friends. This girl is so dope! Words cant even describe how talented she is and how she works to create quality events for us and by us. Since we met, she’s invited me to many events that I couldn’t attend due to my busy schedule. However, she never stopped inviting me, which I really appreciate! A few months ago she invited me to an event titled “Just Listen” that was held at the Fillmore Heritage Center in San Francisco and created for women of color to have a space. I stopped by with my younger sister and I had sooo much fun! When I first arrived, I watched her bounce around to make sure everything was running smoothly and I couldn’t help but ask if she needed anything. I admired that she took the time to give us a space to speak freely and network with other women of color in the Bay Area. At the event we created vision boards, shared words of encouragement in a healing circle and enjoyed delicious food and tea. After the event a few people approached me about the services I provide via Queen Media Collective, which wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t come to this event. I had never went to an event like this, but it was so life changing and positive that I left feeling different than I was when I walked in. In addition to being a curator and the most supportive person I know, she is also a talented singer and poet.

Her next event iBloom will be held 5/18/19. According to the event description:

“iBloom is another way of saying I’m blossoming which is a lifestyle choice its a way of living that we all have the power of choice and complete access to choose. There will be interviews asking kinfolk how they bloom (grow, rise, stay vybrating high) infront of an Immersive Art Installation called ‘Being & Becoming” by Asya Abdrahman. This night is full of artistic diversity from performers to djs to vendors the Host/Illustrator and videographers/photogrophers and more. Since when has coming together with like minded and like hearted folks not left you transformed and completely full and fueled.”

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Get your tickets to iBloom ASAP and follow Majesticjune to stay updated on all her moves and upcoming events!

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