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Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

Hi everyone! I am excited to share that I recently got a chance to interview the multi faceted creative/ entrepreneur, Jessica Phoenix. Her passion is for living life deeply through connection and her vehicles to connect are the Diaspora, Culture, Arts, Music, Dance, Healing, and Wellness. Please check out the interview below to get to know this… Continue reading Exclusive Interview w/ Multi Faceted Creative Jessica Phoenix

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Healing: The Mind-Body Connection

In August 2012, President Obama signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, changing my life for the better. I got to apply for scholarships and grants, which made it possible for me to attend San Jose State University. It allowed me to get my driver’s license and legally work for the first… Continue reading Healing: The Mind-Body Connection

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Fibromyalgia: More than the Eyes See

Fibromyalgia is defined as a neurological disorder, which causes widespread musculoskeletal pain. It impacts the Central Nervous System, which impacts the body physically, emotionally, and mentally. According to research, fibromyalgia causes the brain to process pain/nerve signals differently. Fibromyalgia causes extreme fatigue, inconsistency in sleep patterns, fibro fog (loss of memory), and mood swings. The pain… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: More than the Eyes See

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Meet the Multi-talented Curator and Creative Majesticjune (@Majesticjune_)

I met my sis Majesticjune when I was working in radio. When she walked up to me she gave me the warmest hug and at that moment I knew we would be friends. This girl is so dope! Words cant even describe how talented she is and how she works to create quality events for… Continue reading Meet the Multi-talented Curator and Creative Majesticjune (@Majesticjune_)

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Affirmed Queen Available Today!

I am so excited to be releasing my workbook; "Affirmed Queen, Book of Affirmations for the Woman in Healing." I wrote the book in hopes to give women in search of self-care help. To be able to give women who needed to look within themselves in order to start the process of reprogramming the self… Continue reading Affirmed Queen Available Today!

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Cutting Ties With the Ex

Lets just start with LEAVE YOUR EX AT THE DOOR! And let me explain to you why. That person is not in your life for a reason. Whether it be constant fighting or arguing. Maybe some infidelities or even the fact that they just didn’t grow with you as a person. Either way it goes… Continue reading Cutting Ties With the Ex

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A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

I'm sure that many of us have started 2019 off with New Year's resolutions, setting intentions, or creating the theme for the rest of our year. This year, I decided my theme would be overall mental health. I will flourish, I will thrive. I will put all the things I want into the universe and… Continue reading A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life