Leaving Cali in 5 Days 

Hi everyone,

This past week was CRAZY. I worked all week, 6 days straight and today (Sunday) I literally did nothing. Now it is 9:30 PM and I am reflecting on everything that has happened, eating a baked potato and watching the most recent episode of power (super sad there was no new episode this week BTW 😓).

The best thing that happened this week occurred yesterday. I worked an event for the radio station I work at and it was soon fun! I worked extremely hard and stayed productive, so the eight hour shift flew by. I love working in promotions. This job is really making me lean toward a career in event planning. I just feel completely in my element whenever I work a shift. It doesn’t get any better than that:).

After I returned home from my shift yesterday, there was a lot of familial drama. It took a lot out of me emotionally and physically, no lie. However, I am grateful to have my family. My mom, dad, sister and brother have been so instrumental in my life. I know that many people are estranged from their families, or do not have relationships with them, because of death or other unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, I am very blessed to have my family present and very involved in my life. Everyone has a different personality, and brings different ideas and opinions to the table. Everytime someone in my family leaves the house, I give them a hug and tell them I love you. I am not exaggerating, I do this EVERYTIME. I make sure I do this, because life is too short and you never know what will be the last words you say to someone.Make sure you love your family and let them know on a regular basis. Do not get caught up so much in your life that you neglect your family and fail to spend time with them. Just a reminder for everyone☺.

My spontaneous vacation is in 5 days! I am super excited to be leaving California, especially after the night I had Saturday. I need to relax and enjoy a change in scenery.

Today I started packing my clothes for the trip. Packing for this trip is extremely hard, because I looked up the weather in the place I am going and it varies so much within my four day vacation. Cloudy one day, sunny and then rainy the next! Seeing the inconsistency makes me value California weather. Meanwhile, I have been looking grimy for an entire week, because I want to get my hair and nails done right before I leave. I am so excited! Nothing can tear me down this week. I will definitely be posting pictures and summarizing what my trip consisted of. Everyone have a great week!


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