FEATURE: The Love Song of D. Nerd McDonald

Hey everyone!

This post is to introduce you all to a good/ talented friend of mine. Dominic “Nerd” McDonald has many talents that include, but are not limited to:

  • Poet
  • Host/ Emcee
  • Public Speaker
  • Spoken Word Artist



Nerds are smart. That’s what we know and expect. Dominic “Nerd” McDonald however offers more than your average nerd. The 28 year-old Los Angeles native offers a variety pack of Street Smarts, Pop Culture Smarts, Hip Hop Smarts, and of course Book Smarts. If the glasses and tall skinny frame aren’t a give-away, he acquired the name “Nerd” in high school as a term of endearment – and frankly he much rather be called that N-word, than anything else. Nerd has lived in several cities throughout Los Angeles County including the hometown of Venice, Culver City, Inglewood, Compton, and Long Beach. His passion for writing came in High School when he discovered that it was the best way to express himself and be heard through his performance.  

His accolades include being a member of the California State University, Long Beach Poetry Slam Team 2005 – 2006 & 2006 – 2007 where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing in.

May of 2014, as well as frequenting open mic’s like the infamous Da Poetry Lounge in the Fairfax District of Hollywood, CA. Nerd carries an independent “Do It Yourself” spirit which lead him to create his own mixtape titled “The Perfect Square” in 2008 and he has marketed himself to the young college/university crowd performing Rap and Spoken Word at the local campuses of CSU – Long Beach, CSU – Dominguez Hills, CSU – Los Angeles, CSU – Fullerton, CSU – Northridge, USC, UCLA, and Loyola Marymount University.

His style of poetry is very precise in delivery and quick witted accompanied by a winning smile and sly humor. His topics range from love and relationships to political activism and social commentary, making him a Lifestyle Artist. Anyone attending his performances should expect to have a cerebral visitor who makes himself the perfect mind guest and always leaves a gift to remember him by. He has ten years of experience in Student Life and Organizational Leadership and open to speaking in panels and lead discussions for small to medium sized crowds on topics such as: Hip Hop & the youth, Black Male & Female Relationships, Black Fraternity and Sorority Life, or College Life. 

Currently, he is promoting his first poetry book that he released summer 2015 book titled The Love Song of D. Nerd McDonald, which is a book inspired from his personal experience of love or lack thereof (READ IT!!! IT WILL HAVE YOU ALL IN YOUR FEELINGS HAHA. BUY IT HERE!!). He performs at various open mic’s in Long Beach, CA where he resides, including venues such as The Federal Bar, Creative Arts Long Beach, Que Serra, Shades of Africa, and DiPiazza’s. He plans on branching out regionally through colleges and universities and soon nationally in a six month tour. You can find Nerd on all forms of social media or his flagship website.





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