Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

Hey everybody!

This week has been a good one. I went to bed early last night and I feel super refreshed, ready to get this weekend started. I have a lot of plans this weekend, so I hope everything works out. My plans include going to Benihanas, where I haven’t been in a while, so that should be delicious.

This week my focus was working harder and more efficiently. I have been making a lot of mistakes lately in all aspects of life. The work that I do is very detail oriented, so I have been trying to really pay more attention, but still find faster ways to get it done. I am such an over thinker though that there are usually like ten other thoughts in my head while I am trying to focus. Therefore, there is a mistake here and there. I hate making mistakes! It makes me feel like a failure L.O.L. But then again that is the mindset of a perfectionist/ overachiever.

Next week will be a trying week. I have to work at my full time job, part time job and baby sit. This basically means working 7 days straight. At least I like everything I am doing right now. Other jobs like my fast food and retail ones I would be so angry. Right now I am genuinely happy (except for waking up early).I don’t think I will EVER get used to waking up early. Consequences of being a night owl.

Yesterday, I had to create a Facebook post about randoms/ friends asking me to do things for free. Examples of services include editing, shooting and promoting whatever  it is they have to offer. Let me make something really clear, I am a HUSTLER and I GRIND. This means that I will no longer be doing people favors and offering my services for free. Especially the random people who have been sliding into my inboxes and direct messages. Don’t get me wrong I am not super professional and top notch with my skills yet. However, I still have experience and know what I am doing. As friends and family you should want to pay me to help me continue and motivate me, not use me. Multimedia work is usually time consuming and tedious, so it isn’t like I am doing someone a quick favor.

I used to be too nice and let people take advantage of me, but now I realize my self worth.  I was so excited to be getting offers that I was willing. However, I would brag to my boyfriend and he would quickly shut down all my excitement. He would look at me and ask questions such as;

“So how much are they paying you?”

“What do you get out of posting for them?”

“How will they be helping you out in return?”

I would get quiet and respond saying “Um nothing, but at least I get the experience.”

Then one day he reminded me like “You have your bachelor’s and you have experience in so many areas, why are you working for free?”

After that conversation I realized he is absolutely right. I went to school for 5 years, I have interned and I have done multiple free lance projects.

Everybody know your worth. Depending on what point of your life you are at yes experience is good. However, at some point when you have acquired a lot of skills you have to realize that time is money. Unless the project or company asking you to participate is a huge one that could possibly lead to employment, do not waste your time. Because at the end of the day your time should be precious. I had to realize that.



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