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A Review of Social Dilemma

The documentary The Social Dilemma examines the effects of social media on our contemporary society. The film shows us several former employees at Google, Youtube, Facebook, and other sites. These men and few women are alerting viewers to the growing dangers of social media use. However, as I watched the film I couldn’t help but… Continue reading A Review of Social Dilemma

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DBC Vol 3: Push It, Push It, Push It

So now the time has come where I’ve learned how to make some good investments, my investments are making good profits, and I know how to act now that I have some extra cash in my pockets. People from different cultural backgrounds than my own were willing to help me and now I wanted to… Continue reading DBC Vol 3: Push It, Push It, Push It

My Life Be Like

Cuffing Season

I’m writing you this letter Dripped in my soul Done with the madness The emotional toll Loved you all winter Then you hated me all spring That’s how I figured out that this was all just a fling Never saw you in public But saw all of you at night The way you used to… Continue reading Cuffing Season

My Life Be Like

Is My Vagina Broken?

Am I the only woman that thought something was wrong with you because you could never seem to orgasm? Yea me too.... So when I was in high school I met my first love , my first heartbreak, my first.....everything. He was tall, light bright, and was wanted by everyone because he had a highly… Continue reading Is My Vagina Broken?


The Conclusion to it All

Once Sebastian realized that I blocked him on everything he started calling my job back to back, he messaged me on someone else's Facebook and he started blowing up my phone. It was so obnoxious and scary. At that point I wished I never met him. He left me a voicemail basically saying stop playing,… Continue reading The Conclusion to it All


The Sociopath (PART 2)

On New Years Eve me and Lina met Sebastian and his friends at a rave in Oakland. That night ended up being a total disaster. His friends were being annoying AF and he and I ended up arguing over something stupid... at that moment I knew 2016 would be a shit show. Since I lived… Continue reading The Sociopath (PART 2)


Why Some Men Are Pigs

Hey guys! I hate that this has to be my first post of the new year, but it is what it is. Last night at around 8 p.m. I went to the gas station near my house. I had like a quarter tank, but I decided to be proactive and fill up so I didn't… Continue reading Why Some Men Are Pigs


Why You Need These Apps ASAP

So there are a lot of apps out there and I know everyone's phones are different. I was downloading a lot of apps based on people's suggestions, but I recently cleaned out my phone keeping the apps and widgets that I actually use and like. So here is a list of my must have apps!… Continue reading Why You Need These Apps ASAP


My Social Media Rant

So social media is starting to annoy me L.O.L. I think back and reminisce on the days of Myspace and old school YouTube when there was no ads and we could scroll and watch videos to our hearts content. Now everything is about views, sponsors and how many clicks. I can not stand it. I… Continue reading My Social Media Rant