DBC Vol 3: Push It, Push It, Push It

Push it So now the time has come where I’ve learned how to make some good investments, my investments are making good profits, and I know how to act now that I have some extra cash in my pockets. People from different cultural backgrounds than my own were willing to help me and now I wanted to do the same. After speaking with them about the story of the chameleon and the baboon they seemed to love it and wanted to try and learn as much as they could from me. Of course, I was open, willing, and expressed that I would continue to teach them if they would do the same with me and now it was there turn.

While we were involved in these stock investments, they decided that the next move was to diversify our assets. My initial reply was that I agreed we needed to bring more women or POC into this little business that we were involved in. They responded by saying that it sounded like a good idea but had nothing to do with what they were initially speaking of. Luckily, they clearly understood that I had no clue on what was going on, so they decided to stroke my ego and explain it to me more in depth.

Diversifying your assets is when you open or broaden your investments and spread it out into various options. Say you have some investments in gold; What you do is take some of those investments and invest in crypto. In basic knowledge it’s making sure that you don’t have all your eggs placed in one basket. If one of your investments suddenly takes a stage dive and you end up losing a large amount of your money you don’t lose all your money. Having it spread out would simply mean that only one investment can be doing bad but there’s a possibly that another one of your investments could end up doing very well.

After they were able to break it down to me in that nature, I was able to once again realize that this was simply another dope boy tactic. Once you get the work, distribute it, your crew has taken over, what’s your next move? MOVE THAT WORK. You have seen it happen multiple times, one gang starts off in this little neighborhood then the next thing  you know they end up taking over the whole city. Turn into Disney take over and make different options, but they all end up going to one pot. Amazon doesn’t just send packages to you and have someone on the street steal your package or maybe even the delivery person. They bought out Wholefoods so now they own a grocery store that delivers, as well as Kindle books which they started which has all contributed to Amazon still having a strong economically impact.

Disney on the other hand, has always been a big business but what they are good at is seeing the potential of something and saying “I see potential in that, what if we were to take that and push it to the limit? It could be huge.” Subsequently, Disney bought Marvel Comics and Lucasfilms which owns Star Wars and Fox which had a large partial ownership of various Marvel comics. Another good example of a company using this same tactic is a company that a lot of people don’t even seem to notice has simply taken over different companies. Facebook was on top of the world with social media and their only true competitor in taking them out of business was Instagram so guess what? Facebook bought their competitor. The enemy of my enemy of my enemy is now me bruh. Remember the first time you heard a random ass ringtone coming from somewhere and were curious to see where it was coming from? You started speaking out loud to yourself like what the hell is that noise? Where is it coming from? And you find out it’s coming from your own damn phone. You look at the caller id and it’s a phone call from one of your Facebook friends and you start looking confused because you start wondering how they got your phone number, but at the same time it didn’t even seem like it was coming from a typical phone call so what the hell was going on? That was when Facebook decided to buy WhatsApp and merged in with their social media which gave any of your Facebook friends the ability to call you without even having your cell phone number.

Get the bag, secure the bag, then flip the bag is the easiest way I can say to some of those who are on the ratchet side of it. Having your money make money for you is another aspect that begins starting generational wealth for you. If you start getting another stream of income without having to do any work won’t you leap at that option? Passive income is what some people want to call it but in my opinion those things don’t really exist. It’s not passive because you have to put some work into it. This is simply adding another stream of income to your portfolio and this is open knowledge for everyone to learn.


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