Love & Eye by Vontress Renae’

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I met a girl once who seemed so sad, almost inconsolable. We sat down for coffee because I had nothing to do and the “hurt” woman in me wanted to comfort her and  somehow find a way to comfort myself. We talked about life, shared a few laughs and then we got on the topic of why she was so down. The person she loved for many years, gave children to, and helped build a life with never loved her. He told her they were just friends; nothing more. That all of the years they spent together they were just two ” friends.”

Friends! I thought, how could someone she did so much for only be a friend when she has his children? It broke my heart to know how selfish people are, how much they are willing to take from a person who loves them unconditionally. I was appalled and could understand her frustration. I asked her why she stayed and of course she loved him BUT to my surprise she told me that she knew this would day would come. He thought he had her stuck, that he could tell her anything and she would still stay but the truth was she was okay with them being separated. However, she hurt for her children. Like most of us, we meet people we intend to spend our lives with, they sell us a lie and of course we buy it. But there is always a bigger reason when things don’t go as planned.

The inspiration for this poem came from her hurt, my hurt and many other women’s hurt. Accepting what is and what will be.

 Love & Eye

I lost myself when I found you
Catering to your every need, I forgot what I needed
Wanted or what loving me was like.
I let you take ME And hide her somewhere In your
Your manipulation, Your narcissism
I lost me when
I found you
When I opened my legs and bared your children
That you seem to find of no value
I let you give me away to the world hide me in the
shadows of your exes
Making me undeserving of loves simple gestures
I found me when I lost you
My voice, My confidence
My purpose and I found my reasoning for losing me
To step from behind your shadow
And walk my own path to my purpose 


Poem From :The Sun Under a Night Sky

Written By Vontress Renae’


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