The Conclusion to it All

Once Sebastian realized that I blocked him on everything he started calling my job back to back, he messaged me on someone else’s Facebook and he started blowing up my phone. It was so obnoxious and scary. At that point I wished I never met him. He left me a voicemail basically saying stop playing, you know this is all a misunderstanding and we are going to be together. But okay fine I’m going to come to your house since you’re ignoring me.

This dude really showed up at my house, lied to my entire family about the situation and insinuated that he caught me cheating before. He lied to my mom, dad, sister and brother and told them to make me come outside but I refused. I knew if I seen him face to face I would of did something crazy, so I avoided it.

The next two months Sebastian called and called, sent me texts from other people’s phones, sent emails and his side chick keep hitting me up saying he still wanted her. I didn’t care at all I wanted them to leave me alone and let me move on with my life.

Once he realized I wouldn’t respond to him he started telling Janika messages to deliver to me. She screen shotted a message where he threatened to have someone beat us both up. Like really? YOU played US and now you want to have us both beat up? He called me dumb, stupid, ignorant and so many other names all because he had gotten caught. This is when I realized that he was a sociopath… tries to isolate you from your friends, lies and believes it his self, everyone’s favorite in the beginning… all the signs were there.

I finally had the courage to talk to Sebastian on the phone and I ended up breaking down. I was crying my eyes out and he ended up crying too. He was like,”We been through so much I can’t lose you. I’ll get rid of my phone, we can share a phone, I’ll get us a place I don’t care. Whatever I have to do for you to trust me. You need to realize that she’s lying and she just wants what you have”. Like WOW he was crying his eyes out and still sitting there lying to me. I would respect him more if he just admitted it at this point like who do you think I am boo boo the fool? He kept crying and I hung up on him. Of course this followed with 20 desperate text messages.

I got so sick of him that I called his Aunt. I don’t like to get people involved in my business, but something had to happen. I told his aunt that he cheated on me, I broke up with him and now he wouldn’t leave me alone. She honestly didn’t seem that shocked when I told her, which makes me feel like he’s done this to someone before. I told her to talk to him and tell him to leave me alone or I’d get a restraining order. She agreed and we hung up the phone.

After that Sebastian left me alone. I was so happy that I was finally free and I started to make all the moves I didn’t make because of him discouraging me and making me feel like I was incompetent. He we was so discouraging and not supportive at all. I can’t believe I allowed myself to be verbally abused for so long. He told me he didn’t want me to be successful unless he got me there. He was sick.

In February I went to New Parrish Nightclub in Oakland and got really drunk. I was all over the club dancing, talking to strangers and hyping my brother who was performing. Suddenly my sorority sister Kandice told me that Sebastian was there. It caught me so off-guard. If I would of known Sebastian was coming I wouldn’t of came, let alone drank so much. He came up to me super excited talking about some “Hey how you been!” Boy BYE. I was so drunk I entertained him for a sec but when he said “We should have lunch soon” I almost slapped his ass. I told him to leave me alone and I continued to have a good time. 

After seeing him that day he hadn’t said anything to me until July 21 when he emailed me some stupid random info about his family. I spammed the email and moved on with life. Since the break up I have changed my number, because I just didn’t feel comfortable with him having it regardless of him being blocked. I am happy as ever and I am proud of who I’ve become after leaving that loser. 

If you think you are dealing with a sociopath or know someone who is, please see the attached link. Mental health issues are a serious matter and dealing with someone who has them can be scary and dangerous:


In conclusion, it is August 2017 and I am single and focused on my dreams… among other things;). Thank you for reading The Boyfriend Series.


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