With a New Season Comes a New Plan

Hey guys!

The summer is coming to an end and my goals have changed drastically. My goal was to focus on my career goals, which I have been doing all summer, but now I have a new idea. 

I am about to be 25 at the end of this year. Honestly, I need my own place. I can’t live at home anymore, I just feel too grown to be home. Therefore, I have been applying for jobs nonstop the past couple days. I am so serious about moving out. I am strongly considering getting two jobs to expedite the process. I am ready to be on my own and experience full independence. I know this may come with slight struggling and extreme lifestyle changes, but that’s okay. I don’t want to live with my parents anymore… can’t do it. My new plan is to get an office job plus a night job or overnight job and to keep working at the radio station when I can. I will continue my internship at KBLX and continue Managing CSUITEMUSIC, but I truly miss having a steady income. Being broke is NOT the business. I have literally made it a habit to stay at home, because I have no money. The gas and BART costs to get to places where I am getting experience, but working for free has definitely taken a toll on me financially. Therefore, it’s time to get back to the financial grind. 

I have enjoyed my two months off work and I feel like I have been extremely productive. I have definitely made some advancements as far as my career and I have networked with some influential individuals. I will continue to do those things, but now moving out is the key goal. I want to be moved out of my house by next March and I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I hope that I can live in Oakland, San Leandro or Hayward, but if I have to move farther away I will. I am not going to pay more than $1000 (which is already a lot) a month, I refuse.

I am excited about my new plan! Once I start working and I have my own place I can focus on the next goal… don’t know what that will be yet,  but having my own sanctuary will motivate me more than I am now. I have a job interview tomorrow at 3:45PM. Pray for me! 

4 thoughts on “With a New Season Comes a New Plan

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