RTR: No Condom? It’s Coo!

Although the Coronavirus Pandemic has been extremely problematic and given scores of people across the globe anxiety, it has caused a lot of us to cope the best way we know how... through humor. Being a naturally paranoid person, I find myself thinking about the worst case scenario more often than I should. However, I… Continue reading RTR: No Condom? It’s Coo!

My Life Be Like

New BABY ! Whew Chile !

As many of you know I became a mother of 6 ! YES SIX !! As much as I thought I knew I really didn’t. I had everything planned out. My older kids school schedule, meal times, practices and even my own bath time! I wanted and NEEDED everything to be together for the arrival… Continue reading New BABY ! Whew Chile !


Employed AF

It's crazy how life can change so quickly. As of last Monday, I officially have a new job! I was starting to panic seeing that it was almost December and I had officially been unemployed for two months, but I continued to apply and got offered a position at an attic insulation company. At first… Continue reading Employed AF


With a New Season Comes a New Plan

Hey guys! The summer is coming to an end and my goals have changed drastically. My goal was to focus on my career goals, which I have been doing all summer, but now I have a new idea.  I am about to be 25 at the end of this year. Honestly, I need my own… Continue reading With a New Season Comes a New Plan


The Sensitive One (PART 2)

Dre had transferred to the Orchard Supply I worked at from another store. He came to our store working the way he was used to and he got in trouble a couple times for not following procedure. The worst thing Dre did was accidentally give away an expensive grill. One of our managers instructed him… Continue reading The Sensitive One (PART 2)


Walk By Faith Not By Sight

One thing I want to work on now that I have more free time is my confidence. I have mentioned before that I want to become more confident, but now I can focus on it. I am just so worried I won’t be successful. I feel like there’s so many people grinding, what will make… Continue reading Walk By Faith Not By Sight


20 Things I want to Do Before 2017

Lose 5 pounds Learn how to make cheesecake (ACCOMPLISHED: 12/23) Go to another concert (ACCOMPLISHED: Going to see Lil' Wayne on 11/10) This blog to reach 11,000 views! Stop drinking alcohol (wish me luck) Save a couple racks (Apartment fund) Go back to Las Vegas Grow my nails back (they keep breaking off lol #Annoyed)… Continue reading 20 Things I want to Do Before 2017


The Significance of My Nose Ring

I sat in the lobby and waited. I was only waiting for about twenty minutes, but it felt like forever. My palms were sweaty and I felt like I was going to vomit all over the shop. The fact that I could hear clamps behind the curtain did not make the situation any better. I… Continue reading The Significance of My Nose Ring