New BABY ! Whew Chile !

As many of you know I became a mother of 6 ! YES SIX !! As much as I thought I knew I really didn’t. I had everything planned out. My older kids school schedule, meal times, practices and even my own bath time!

I wanted and NEEDED everything to be together for the arrival of my son. I did all of this because I was a young mother and went with the flow of parenting . Me and my older children basically grew up together. So know I wasn’t perfect, I made MANY mistakes but I learned from them and I was determined to do what I probably should have done with the older kids. I had it all figured out until I got news that my son was diagnosed in the womb with Renal Agenesis.

Renal Agenesis: is a medical condition in which one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) fetal kidneys fail to develop.

Naturally finding this out my entire world came crashing down. Trying to figure out what I had done wrong and wondering what I could have done to prevent this . I’ve always heard of people living with one kidney after some sort of surgery or other medical complications but nothing along these lines. When I tell you this through a loop in my plans; It made me stop and realize how precious life is and how quickly things can turn into a complication. Most of all that making plans for anything is truly a joke in God’s eyes. At first; I was so angry and upset as to why my son would have to suffer. All the way up until the moment he was born and he was sat on my chest; March 9, 2019!


In those few moments of silence looking at his face I knew that God had put this little guy in my world in order for me to do what I do best . Protect and ensure that my son would live his life to the fullest! I was given not only that task but God gave me the okay to stop and enjoy the little moments life had to offer. He was letting me know that it is okay to enjoy things moment to moment. Everything doesn’t require a structured plan.
Slowly I’m becoming accustomed to the idea that life is not short at all. We just need to be sure that we are here enjoying it while we can until our purpose is fulfilled.

Now this does NOT dismiss the fact that I am still a zombie from those late night breastfeeds and poop diapers BUT I must say it never felt so good to hold my son in my arms !


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