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Why Are Children More Behaved With Dad?

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash Recently I let my son go stay with his dad for a night; a well deserved break from all the homeschooling and yelling I've been doing. I picked him back up the next day and everything was all good. My son was acting like this perfect little angel, in the car that… Continue reading Why Are Children More Behaved With Dad?

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How I Conquer PCOS

Most women dream of the day they’ll become a mother. Yet, my reality was different. The dream of becoming a mother was ripped away from me long before I could consider it. I knew that I wanted children, but I wasn’t in a rush to have them. Now, the words of my doctor confirmed I… Continue reading How I Conquer PCOS

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My Fear of Failing As A Mother

When I got pregnant, at the time, my only worry was making sure I graduated from college that year. Well, I was also fearful of what my mother would think when I let her know I was pregnant, which, by the way, didn't happen until I was two months pregnant. I had a scare and… Continue reading My Fear of Failing As A Mother

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My Toxic Baby Mama

Not many people can tell you the day that their life changed for the better. Me on the other hand, was the day my daughter was born. The moment that I knew she was my child something inside of me changed instantaneously. I no longer felt like a free little bird flying across the open… Continue reading My Toxic Baby Mama

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I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)

  I have always been known to be the backbone of those around me ; Shoot even strangers. Everyone I have ever encountered has always been drawn to me for the person that I am at heart. They want to pour their hearts out to me, tell me how their day is going but most… Continue reading I don’t Feel Like Being Strong Today (When the strong one needs a break)

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New BABY ! Whew Chile !

As many of you know I became a mother of 6 ! YES SIX !! As much as I thought I knew I really didn’t. I had everything planned out. My older kids school schedule, meal times, practices and even my own bath time! I wanted and NEEDED everything to be together for the arrival… Continue reading New BABY ! Whew Chile !

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Be His Peace?

Sit nicely, with your legs closed for the public but when he takes you into his home, bare all of your most precious parts to him. Taste every drop of him until you can no longer stomach it, be his chef even when you're exhausted from working hard to stay pretty for him. Keep your… Continue reading Be His Peace?

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Dating and the Single Mother: is she “worthy”

As if single mothers don’t have enough on their plates the last they need is PLUS ONE! It’s become more and more common that men don’t want anything serious with single mothers but sex, a meal and the occasional bill pay! NO SIR not around these parts! Single mothers are hardworking and looking for stability.… Continue reading Dating and the Single Mother: is she “worthy”


Getting Dumped, Being Broke and Making a Tinder

A few weeks after I quit my job, I got dumped. I was already extremely depressed dealing with my newfound broke-ness and my break up was the straw on the camel's back. At this point, I had been sleeping as much as I could to avoid overthinking about my financial situation. I would periodically Door… Continue reading Getting Dumped, Being Broke and Making a Tinder