The Significance of My Nose Ring

I sat in the lobby and waited. I was only waiting for about twenty minutes, but it felt like forever. My palms were sweaty and I felt like I was going to vomit all over the shop. The fact that I could hear clamps behind the curtain did not make the situation any better.

I woke up that day with no plans. I finally had a day off from everything (I had work and an internship I was doing), so I decided that whatever I did that day had to be epic. After debating long and hard about what plans I should make, I randomly said to myself “you know what, today you are going to get your nose pierced.” After this thought, I literally hopped up and ran to the car to avoid changing my mind.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me this was crazy. I have always been terrified of needles. I have no tattoos and I have two ear piercings in each ear, but even getting my second holes at the age of 18 I had to hold my mom’s hand (I got the first ones when I was a baby). I HATE NEEDLES, I HATE SHOTS, I HATE PAIN! I have never broken a bone or been seriously injured *knocks on wood* and I couldn’t imagine how I would react. I am a total drama queen lol.

So I get to the piercing shop. I did not tell anyone I was going to do this. I am an over thinker and I did not want to talk myself out of it. A lot of people need someone there for moments like these, but when I am nervous I would rather be alone. I would rather conquer whatever has me scared, and then discuss it with my friends after. I told the guy at the shop what I wanted and picked my earring.  He then told me to wait while he pierced some Robin Thicke looking dude. I could hear the Robin Thicke look a like getting pierced and it made me so nervous I almost ran out to my car.I heard a loud clamp and I had no idea what he was getting pierced, but it sounded so painful. I gathered my things and walked to the door, but before I left I somehow convinced myself to relax and go back in.

Shortly after I sat back down in my seat, the guys walked back out from the back. Of course my nosey self had to ask; “Hey what did that guy just get pierced?” The guy at the shop looked down at the ground in hesitation before he responded, “I can’t say directly, but he got something pierced below the waist.” I was in awe! I couldn’t believe the person before me got their $#@% pierced!! All these thoughts flooded my head… what if he uses the same equipment? What if he didn’t wash his hands? What is my nose falls off after an infection? LOL. My thought process was ridiculous, but somehow I managed to walk to the back and lay down on the hospital looking bed. That was weird to me, because usually I see people sitting down or standing up in videos when they get their noses pierced. However, laying down made me feel a little more relaxed, so I didn’t question it.

So suddenly it happened! My nose was pierced. It hurt I am not going to lie… it did not hurt as much as I expected but it definitely hurt. I walked to the mirror and gasped in awe. I was soooo happy I finally went through with getting my nose pierced! I dreaded seeing my friends get theirs since I wanted mine since I was like 13, but finally I did it at 22! I was in love with it and I couldn’t wait for it to heal so I could change the stud to a hoop.

Of course my friends and family were pissed. My friends were pissed I didn’t bring them with me and my mom was pissed, because my family has always been against piercings and tattoos. I remember this conversation like it was yesterday. My mom said with the most serious face, “You damaged your beautiful face.” At first I was irritated, but I was so proud of myself and happy I overcame my fear that I went back to being excited real quick! It has been a year and some change and I still love my nose piercing to this day. In December, I realized I forgot to take it out for my graduation pictures and I told the manager at the photography studio, “Aw man I forgot to take my nose ring out” and he simply responded, “It’s fine it shows identity and expression.” He is absolutely right! When I am looking back on my college graduation pictures, I will be reminded of how happy I was to get my nose pierced.


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