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Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review

  *Note. This is an advance review of an episode that will be available December 9thon Seeka.tv” Alonge Hawes REALLY wants black men and women to go ahead and get every hateful, vile, ignorant, misinformed, misunderstood, and mis-educated thought we’ve ever had about one another off of our chests. He wants us to spit it,… Continue reading Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review


Do You Trust Me?

At a very young age my dad tried to teach me about trust. My father would say "Micky, trust no one." He went on to ask me "Do you trust me?" I'd say, "Yes your my dad!" He'd look at me dead in my eyes and say "I just told you not to trust anyone." Years… Continue reading Do You Trust Me?


The Significance of My Nose Ring

I sat in the lobby and waited. I was only waiting for about twenty minutes, but it felt like forever. My palms were sweaty and I felt like I was going to vomit all over the shop. The fact that I could hear clamps behind the curtain did not make the situation any better. I… Continue reading The Significance of My Nose Ring