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TSS – “All Falls Down”

As soon as one thing wasn't going right, it seemed like everything around her was going wrong. She found herself stuck in a room with no escape. The walls were closing in and the ceiling crashing down. Her heart started racing, hands shaking, and mind wondering. How was she going to escape this prison of… Continue reading TSS – “All Falls Down”


Cuffing Season Rules 4 the Ladies

Hey ya’ll! It is now Cuffing Season and trust me, you gotta do this right. You don’t want to mess around and end up in a relationship. The sole purpose of this season is to stay warm and avoid being alone til the Spring time. Here is a foolproof plan to have a successful Cuffing… Continue reading Cuffing Season Rules 4 the Ladies

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Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review

  *Note. This is an advance review of an episode that will be available December 9thon” Alonge Hawes REALLY wants black men and women to go ahead and get every hateful, vile, ignorant, misinformed, misunderstood, and mis-educated thought we’ve ever had about one another off of our chests. He wants us to spit it,… Continue reading Black On Both Sides Episode 6 Advance Review

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Therapy… It’s Not (Just) White People Shit

I feel like when black people think of therapy the first thing that comes to mind is, "That's white people shit" and "What do I look like telling a stranger my business?" For me, when it came to therapy, it was something I had thought about here and there but figured there was nothing happening… Continue reading Therapy… It’s Not (Just) White People Shit


What if I Jumped Into Lake Merritt?

I was depressed. I had claimed to be depressed before, but this time was different. My boyfriend had broken up with me December 3, 2017. This is a little foreshadow to Part 2 of The Long Distance One (PART 1) so make sure you check that out so you can be up to speed.  I was… Continue reading What if I Jumped Into Lake Merritt?


Time to Get it Poppin’

Nine times out of ten the best thing that can happen to a young man is to be tossed overboard and compelled to sink or swim. ~ James A. Garfield Hey my loves! Today is the first day of December and I am super excited! December means days off, Christmas and then the grand finale...… Continue reading Time to Get it Poppin’


The Grind is Real/ My Birthday Plans :)

“Those who feel satisfied with their personal lives are more satisfied with their careers and perform better.” ― Michael Hyatt Hi guys:) The weekend is finally here! I am so happy honestly, because this week was so long. I finished all my work at my job Tuesday, so the rest of the week I was… Continue reading The Grind is Real/ My Birthday Plans 🙂


The Significance of My Nose Ring

I sat in the lobby and waited. I was only waiting for about twenty minutes, but it felt like forever. My palms were sweaty and I felt like I was going to vomit all over the shop. The fact that I could hear clamps behind the curtain did not make the situation any better. I… Continue reading The Significance of My Nose Ring