TSS – “All Falls Down”

Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

As soon as one thing wasn’t going right, it seemed like everything around her was going wrong.

She found herself stuck in a room with no escape.

The walls were closing in and the ceiling crashing down.

Her heart started racing, hands shaking, and mind wondering.

How was she going to escape this prison of infinite torture?

She began to panic, thinking she’d never overcome the anxiety she was starting to get every day.

Each day, she felt smaller as if life was coming to an end.

She closed her eyes and prepared for the building to fall.

Maybe then everything she felt would be dead and she could wake up to a new day feeling alive.

Just then, she realized that no matter what she’d always have an obstacle thrown at her, and eventually she’d have to get through it.

She opened her eyes and what once was a dark room closing in was now filled with light.

For once, she made it through, and she was never going to let herself break again.

poem from “The Diary of She






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