Yeezus Walks


Have you ever been watching a super hero movie and the entire time during the movie the villain starts making more sense compared to the actual hero? The villains start picking away about all the dumb flaws that we have in our government or judicial system. From there they slowly start picking at social interactions or the lack there of. Then they start making statements that just start hitting you hard in your soul, it’s always some type of secret insecurity that you have deep down and makes you instantly question yourself.

Villains in movies never really showed that type of crazy sinister side and yet perfect planning and intellect until 2008 when Heath Ledger played the Joker in the Dark Knight. Since then many movies have taken that pattern and applied it to many various characters to show the balance that many intellectual people have. That being the small thin line of genius and insanity that most geniuses seem to have. During the 2008 Dark Knight there was a quote that describes one of the perfect examples of someone who is a genius but is out of his fucking mind.

The quote is from Harvey Dent that states “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” The perfect person that this quote describes is Kanye West.

Since the death of his mother everyone seems to be witnessing the sheer downfall of the late great Kanye West. As someone that fell in love with Kanye West, I have been watching this entire scene as if it were a plane slowly crashing in the distance. There were always small and subtle clues that we seemed to be getting from Kanye West as if he wasn’t like the average person but that’s what drew us to him. When Kanye West was on national television when MTV was larger than life he stood there live and blatantly said the President didn’t care about black people. Around the entire world there was like a 5 second pause that everyone participated in without even knowing. Some of us because we are were thinking the same thing and then the other half seemed to be simply stunned that he said that about the President. It was as if we had a people’s champ that was untouchable and had the Midas touch. His music was out of this world, and everything that he seemed to be saying out loud was as if all our black barbershop conversations were being brought to the world on a loud speaker. Then Kanye went through an emotional heartbreak of losing his mother and breaking up with Amber Rose that seemed to slowly lead to his decline.

Nowadays everything that Kanye does is deemed crazy and outlandish for good reasons. Kanye has been saying random things from his own personal view even though he has close to no facts to back up his statements. Having random outbursts that seem to show the emotional turmoil that he was going through. How many of you were surprised though? Many people that range from creative artist, musical geniuses, intellectual geniuses, and tech pioneers all seem to have a deep mental battle going on with them. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has stated in interviews that you would not want to walk a mile in his shoes. Elon has stated that his mind as creative as it is, never seems to stop building and creating. Picture that for a moment, you waking up and everything that you see your mind starts coming up with bigger and better ways to improve off that. Think of the ongoing number of musical artists that we have lost over the decades that have committed suicide due to them battling with deep depression or traumas in their life. The common denominator with this seems as though many of us that have been given the gift of seeing the world with a different mindset also carry a curse with it. Picture being able to see something and then when you try to ask those around you if they see the same image and everyone says no. Consider how that would affect someone mentally. Causing you to doubt yourself, ask if there is something wrong with you, choosing isolation since you can’t relate to many around you. Does that mean that this so-called gift that you have been given is a curse? Who ultimately can decide that for you? Or are you selfish for simply wanting to be average? Coming to grips with the fact that you are exactly who you are meant to be sometimes can be a very difficult journey for all of us, but sometimes along the journey we come to understand that we are the best true version of who we truly are.


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