Yeezus Walks

Have you ever been watching a super hero movie and the entire time during the movie the villain starts making more sense compared to the actual hero? The villains start picking away about all the dumb flaws that we have in our government or judicial system. From there they slowly start picking at social interactions … More Yeezus Walks

Meet Melaysia Sekai

I met Melaysia about a year ago on Instagram. Scrolling around I came across her page and seen that she had just recently self published her collection of poetry “Butterfly.” At the time I still hadn’t even thought too much about how I would publish my first book. So I started mini stalking her to … More Meet Melaysia Sekai

Honey Gold Jasmine: The Intergalactic Soul Queen

Honey Gold Jasmine is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, ARTivist, music therapist, actress, event coordinator, model, and Mills College alumnae from Vallejo, CA. She is known for her eccentric and experimental sounds of hip hop, jazz, r&b, and soul mixed with her poetic and sultry vocals. The vibe of her music and performances take you on … More Honey Gold Jasmine: The Intergalactic Soul Queen