Meet Melaysia Sekai


I met Melaysia about a year ago on Instagram. Scrolling around I came across her page and seen that she had just recently self published her collection of poetry “Butterfly.” At the time I still hadn’t even thought too much about how I would publish my first book. So I started mini stalking her to figure out how she got her book out there and how she found the courage to do so. I eventually said what the hell and reached out to her through DM. From that moment forward she has been the biggest support that anyone could ask for. 62155755_532964137524187_382428956097249280_n.jpg

She has helped edit portions of my first book, helped me get out there and go for all the goals that I have set for myself and above all just been one of the most genuine people that I have encountered.

Along with being an amazing soul she recently hosted an All White Summer Night Networking. The event showcased local painters, musical artists, authors and poets such as her self. This was all in an effort to bring light to all of the talented individuals in our city. She put her heart into this event and it showed. The turnout was AMAZING and there was such great energy. Everyone was so supportive and had such amazing talents and businesses! Definitely a night to be proud of all my Black Kings and Queens.

In the near future, Melaysia will be releasing her second poetry book and I am so excited for her. She took her time with the work and made sure that she put everything that she needed and we as readers needed in this book.

To stay connected with Melaysia, please see her info below! Support this Queen, because she is on her way to so many amazing things!

” Many mask their emotions and are afraid to really feel. They see crying or heavy expression as weak and vulnerable and those individuals are what keep me going. I want to be the words they can not express when they don’t know how to feel. Through my art my goal is to heal and to reiterate the fact that no one or feeling is ever alone”


Website : Melaysia Sekai 

Instagram:Butterfly Sekai Poetry 

Book: Butterfly a Collection of Poetry



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